Youtube - コロナ時代の新常識!?レジなし“非接触”で買い物(2020年9月15日)

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Youtube - コロナ時代の新常識!?レジなし“非接触”で買い物(2020年9月15日)
New common sense during the time of Corona!? "Non-contact" hopping without cash register (September 15, 2020)

Translated by Youngbin Noh 09/28/2020

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It is a clip of a news in Japan, where a supermarket called Trial in Chiba city made a cart named "no-contact" cart. How to use the cart is where you have a prepaid card, and as you go thorugh the store and put stuff in the cart, you scan your items and the monitor keeps track of what you bought and the price. At the exit, a staff will do a quick check to see if all items are scanned, and then you can go through a designated gate to exit the store. The designated gate will print out the receipt of what you bought. This allows less cluster around the register, and people can use their own bag on the cart and put what they want inside their own bag as they scan. The store also has AI cameras all around the store to prevent stealing and keep track of the stock so that it can minimize the staff to be exposed.

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It may become a new common sense in the time of “with Corona”. When you go shopping, the area around the cash register tends to be clustered, but a supermarket where you can avoid "contact" as much as possible without going through the cash register has been gaining attention.

A huge supermarket in Chiba that opens for 24 hours. If you look inside, you will notice something strange. A shopping cart that has allowed the "non-contact" shopping. How to use it is to load the prepaid card you purchased in advance into your tablet and start shopping. Scan the barcode of the product and put it in the basket. When you have finished scanning all your items, touch the checkout button on the display. All you have to do is go through a dedicated gate after a simple check to see if there are any item that was not scanned in your purchase.

Around the cash register, which tends to be clustered. If contact at the time at the register can be avoided, the benefits should be great for both stores and customers. People who come often to shop are also pleased with this system. By the way, when I look at this person's cart, her own bag is in the cart. She can just use her own back without even taking the time to put what she bought into a plastic bag.

Daisuke Noda, a spokeswoman for Trial Company stated, "In the age of “with Corona”, shopping ends very smoothly. What can be replaced with machines will be replaced more and more. People will do what people can only do. The goal is to expand it. "

In addition, 700 AI (artificial intelligence) cameras are lined up in the store. They check the flow of customers and the inventory status of products, aiming for efficient store management that matches the Coronavirus.

Translation by Youngbin Noh 09/28/2020

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3:38 minutes

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