Chloe Brasket Oral History, 2020/09/19


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Chloe Brasket Oral History, 2020/09/19

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Documenting personal experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. A Northeastern University student interviews another student regarding living under the pandemic at home and at the university.

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Patrick McEleney

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Chloe Brasket

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United States of America

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A Northeastern University student interviews another student regarding living under the pandemic at home and at the university.

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Patrick Mceleney 00:03
Hello, this interview is about the proposed subject of this interview is the personal experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. And would you like to state your name?

Chloe Brasket 00:21
Yes, I'm Chloe Brasket.

Patrick Mceleney 00:24
Fantastic. I'm Patrick Mceleney. And do you consent for this interview to be up on the COVID-19 archives?

Chloe Brasket 00:31
I do. Yes.

Patrick Mceleney 00:33
Perfect. Um, do you mind stating the date and time?

Chloe Brasket 00:38
Yes, it is Saturday, September 19, 2020. And it is 2:13 PM, Eastern.

Patrick Mceleney 00:48
Perfect. Um, are you in the states? in Boston?

Chloe Brasket 00:53
I am. I'm in my dorm room in Boston.

Patrick Mceleney 00:59
Um, so I'm gonna assume that you were in Boston or around Boston, when the stay-at-home order was placed, and we all got kicked off?

Chloe Brasket 01:08
Yes. So, I got kicked off campus, and I went home to Colorado. So I flew home. And then I was quarantining. With my family in Boulder, Colorado.

Patrick Mceleney 01:22
What were your thoughts on the then epidemic? You know, like at first.

Chloe Brasket 01:30
I feel like I wasn't really paying attention to it. Last year was my first year at college. So I was a freshman, and I was distracted with all of the other things happening. It was spring break, right before. And so I actually was in Canada, up until- in Montreal, up until a week before, everything shut down. So I feel like I just, yeah, it was like, on the- in the back of my mind. I knew that this was happening and I was worried about it. But it wasn't something that was I had expected to get out of control, certainly as quickly as it did.

Patrick Mceleney 02:21
And were you surprised that the campus completely closed up for everybody?

Chloe Brasket 02:26
I was- I was so surprised. It was- came completely out of nowhere for me. And like a lot of students, I had to scramble to get all of my belongings in storage in, uh, just a few days.

Patrick Mceleney 02:44
Um, as anyone else been affected like that, you know of other than people at school, by the pandemic.

Chloe Brasket 02:52
Everyone's been affected by it in some ways. One of the biggest effects that I've seen is I'm very close with my grandparents, they live very close to my family in Colorado, and I usually see them when I'm at home. Every week or so, they are at-risk individuals. So they've become incredibly cautious. We haven't seen them in months, we haven't seen them in person. Since all of this started. They're basically quarantined in their house. So that was a big change.

Patrick Mceleney 03:37
That is a very big change. Um, I guess since since you've got- went back home, did your views on the pandemic then change after you got sent back home? At that point?

Chloe Brasket 03:52
Yeah, I was very, the first, you know, few months, few weeks were really kind of being really worried being really cautious. And then over the summer, it was the process of trying to figure out how life could continue. So I worked as a camp counselor at a summer camp. So at a certain point, once I started working, my mentality kind of switched from being just, oh, I can't can't go outside, how can I do as little as possible to trying to figure out how to make things work with the camp.

Patrick Mceleney 04:40
Um, and how did you feel about the national response and global at that time?

Chloe Brasket 04:48
So I think that I was really concerned especially from a very personal standpoint, and in Colorado, that I was worried that people weren't doing enough. I was very concerned about the pandemic. And I felt that on a, you know, government level and on an individual level, I was seeing a lot of people who weren't as concerned, as I was. There were a lot of people, you know, picking up their kids at Camp who weren't wearing masks, and that was very concerning to me.

Patrick Mceleney 05:43
Like, it's more along the lines of how you felt about a response. How do you feel about University, it was just a response about pandemic?

Chloe Brasket 05:51
I thought that Northeastern did the right thing with shutting down as almost every university in the United States did last spring. And I've actually been pretty impressed with their approach this fall. With bringing students back on campus, they seem to be doing better than a lot of other universities. That being said, I have a lot of friends at places like the University of Colorado, which has not been doing as well. And I'm not particularly impressed with their response.

Patrick Mceleney 06:32
And has your experience of a pandemic changed throughout the beginning? And then like, now, I guess towards the middle of it has, have you felt like you, your opinions and views have changed about anything?

Chloe Brasket 06:52
Yeah, it's definitely been a steady shift from just total isolation, to now trying to regain some semblance of a normal life. I don't, you know, I- there's times that I worry that I'm being irresponsible by coming back to campus, by you know, seeing my friends, even though we're all outside and wearing masks. Or, you know, just doing the kind of normal everyday things like going shopping or, you know, talking to people. But I'm kind of trying to figure out how to move on with my life, even though everything is so different.

Patrick Mceleney 07:51
Yeah, that wraps up my part. Um do you have anything to say? Anything related to it?

Chloe Brasket 07:58
I don't think so.

Patrick Mceleney 08:00
Perfect. Thank you.

Chloe Brasket 08:02
Thank you

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