Interview with a Northeastern student


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Interview with a Northeastern student
Anonymous Oral History, 2020/09/18

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This is an interview that I did with a fellow Northeastern student about the pandemic.

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Belle Mandjes

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United States

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Anonymous Northeastern Student 0:01
So I've definitely expressed to my friends that I wasn't okay with doing certain things, or that I couldn't come to things hanging out inside and stuff like that, even though they definitely, there was a little bit of pushback, because you know, I think, because we are teenagers and we tend to be a little impulsive and just want to have fun and stuff. So it was really hard just saying, like, No, I can't come tonight, this isn't safe. But I feel like I never tried to stop them, because I felt like it was pointless, you know? They're just gonna keep doing what they want to do.

Belle Mandjes 0:30
How do you feel about being at college during the pandemic?

Anonymous Northeastern Student 0:33
I actually feel like Northeastern has taken a lot of precautions that other universities just like simply can't, you know? Northeastern has a lot of resources and they put a lot of time and money into testing and contact tracing. So I think, even though it's not perfect, and obviously there are still COVID cases and possibilities for students to create COVID clusters at colleges, as they've been doing. I think we're as safe as we can be here.

Belle Mandjes 1:02
Well, thank you so much for speaking with me.

Anonymous Northeastern Student 1:07
No problem. You're welcome.

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