Introvert to Extrovert

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Introvert to Extrovert

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As an introvert, I was not initially too burdened by the pandemic. I usually preferred to be alone anyways and being stuck at home sounded like a dream come true. However, throughout the pandemic I found that I relied more heavily on interpersonal interactions than I thought I would. I was living with roommates, but most of them went home to their parents for the initial stages of the pandemic. To cope with this, I started to practice mindfulness. I determined it would be helpful to connect, and create a tight bond, with my “inner self”. This practice was extremely helpful, and I felt a spiritual connection with myself that I have not in a long time. It also helped me manage other forms of anxiety that I have felt in the past.
I now feel a deeper connection with myself, and after this experience, I feel a deeper connection with others as well. It used to feel like work to be around people, but now I relish in the ability. I think this is because, over the course of the pandemic, I have been able to connect with myself at a deeper level. Now that I feel more comfortable in my own skin, I can interact with others in a more mature and less paranoid way. Overall, this pandemic has really changed how I feel about the other people in my life. I have always enjoyed my friends and their company, but it was something I needed an occasional break from. After this experience, I have realized that I need my friends. They are not just a group of people I spend time with to have fun. They are a group of people that I have a real emotional bond with, and we need each other to help strengthen that bond. Especially during difficult times like these.

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