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Just a regular day

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My experience with the pandemic isn't one that drastically changed my life. I work at a gas station and I live in a rural town with the majority of the people being Republican. Which I know you must be thinking what does this have to do with it, well it actually has a lot to do! Majority of the people believe that this is all a hoax and do not believe in wearing a mask. Our customers who come into the store act as if Covid-19 isn't happening. I very rarely have someone who takes Covid-19 seriously, one customer that made me realize that times have change when he literally pulled out a disinfectant spray and then proceeded to spray the pinned before entering his pin. I have to admit even I thought he is exaggerating a bit by spraying the pin pad even when he is clearly wearing gloves. At my job my bosses did not really take Covid-19 seriously since they did not ask us if we wanted to wear mask, gloves, or even put the 6 feet markers on the floor so people would not crowd on top of each other. In fact most people out here in my rural community make comments saying "Are you really wearing mask", "You do know that is not going to protect you from anything" and my favorite one of all is "this is all a hoax, it will all calm down when the elections are over". All in all my town and I were not heavily affected or restricted with Covid-19. Although some places may have the mandatory mask requirements most people either avoided those places or just complained about how unnecessary it is to wear a mask.

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*Photography and I found it at my job.

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