New York City: The Pandemic

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New York City: The Pandemic

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New York City, March 2019. Every year, My friends and I would come home from our universities, no matter where our colleges were located, to participate in the NYC St. Patrick's day parade. This was our half way point through the semester for us to reconnect and talk about our summer plans were going to be after the semester finishes. After this, we had the end stretch of our semesters at school and we would be taking our finals and coming home to see each other once again. Except the year of 2020 was different. Everyone was aware of COVID-19 being in China and in foreign countries, but none of us even thought of the chance of it making its way to the United States, nevermind NYC. I live right outside New York City, my father works in New York city, my friends and I would go to New York City every weekend we were home. But not this year. As we were all preparing for the St. Patrick's Day Parade, because it was still being held as of 2 days before the actual parade. But then the news came on 2 days prior. Breaking news. NYC was being shut down completely in preparation of COVID-19. All work was put virtual, restaurants shut down. Videos and pictures of New York City looked like a zombie apocalypse just happened. Seeing New York City dead like that, was terrifying. We thought summer would come along and we would be able to make up for all the lost time we had in our favorite city, but no. Even in September 2020, I still have not stepped foot in NYC. I was locked up in my house form about March to June, when my work finally started opening up at the golf course and my friends and I would have small get togethers outside. All I can hope for now is a vaccine and for New York City to go back to its packed fill streets and life to be normal again.

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