COVID-19: Investigating My Positive Aspect

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COVID-19: Investigating My Positive Aspect

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At a time in history where there were only a few cases of COVID-19 in the world, I, a college student, was applying to be a mentor for a math-science Honors program and my university. I was once a participant of this program, and to give back to it and help high school students navigate this program and their futures would have meant the absolute world to me. I was completing the second round of the hiring process when it was announced that the remaining of the spring 2020 semester would be held online. It was from this point on that I knew this pandemic was going to change my future plans. At the time, however, I did not see it as a "big deal" because in my mind I was thinking that once this virus is controlled and everything is relaxed, things would go back to normal. Obviously, that was not the case. Shortly after, the university required everyone that was able to go home to do so. Approximately a week after that it was announced that the summer program I was planning on working for over the summer would have to be cancelled. Within the span of a month the routine that I grew accustomed to and the plans I had were completely altered, almost like a punch in the gut.
That is not where the story ends, though. I am studying to be a civil engineer, and my uncle is a civil engineer who owns his own business in my hometown and is self-employed. So, I was given the opportunity to intern at his business. I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Within the two months that I interned there, I gained a great deal of knowledge and experience that I would not have otherwise acquired. I learned nearly every aspect of the job, from programming materials, on-site job inspections, to the steps required by government officials and engineers alike to even begin a job. Considering I just completed my freshman year, I went into the internship knowing practically nothing about real engineering work, as I had only taken the basic required classes. Two months later, however, I can confidently say that I learned more then than I would have learned sitting at home all day. It also gave me a great opportunity to see whether or not civil engineering is the career path that I want to go down, which I can confidently say now that it is. The opportunity to have the experience over the summer is what I would consider to be a positive outcome arising from quarantine and having the summer program at the university cancelled.

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