COVID-19 Exhaustion


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COVID-19 Exhaustion

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I chose to submit a few tweets that go along with the exhaustive perspective I’ve had on the pandemic since we first were asked to quarantine back in March. As someone who works in customer service and interacts with people all day, I was immediately on board with social distancing, mask wearing, and limiting being in public spaces. However, it became very clear that this was not everyone’s opinion of COVID-19.
Seeing how large majorities of people are so against measures put in place to protect us has been quite frustrating to witness. The lack of empathy toward those who have been negatively affected by the pandemic (such as family deaths, irreversible health issues, loss of jobs, etc.) has done nothing but increased, as people on one side continue to believe all of it is a hoax and being blow out of proportion. How is it dramatic when 200,000 people, and counting, have died? How is it a hoax when it’s still running rampant through our country but other countries managed to get it under control by actually taking steps to do so? Hearing the excuses that we shouldn’t let ourselves be dominated by the virus is incredibly irritating, when we shouldn’t resign ourselves to living with something that could be of great harm to us or others in our lives. We should be trying to eradicate it as much as possible. Alas, my efforts are fruitless.
On top of that, seeing the dichotomy of the pandemic with the protests for BLM and such side by side has been an interesting spectacle. BLM protestors have made sure to protest safely and because of it, they have yet to turn into super-spreader events. In addition, the hypocritical outlook on police brutality is puzzling. They say the black and brown men killed by police should have just complied or else they wouldn’t have been killed, yet these are the same people refusing to wear masks because it is their right? It was those men’s rights to just exist and you think they deserved to die because of it? The privilege of it all is absolutely baffling. Those who don’t want to wear masks believe it is their right to protest it, then turn around and scream profanities and spew hate at those protesting with Black Lives Matter. You can’t demand justice for your minor inconvenience yet hope to tear down the efforts of those fighting for a real cause. Your rights are the same rights as others.
Overall, the past six months have been eye-opening to say the least. Our country has never been more divided: socially, politically, economically, or financially. The fact that we aren’t all on the same page about taking care of each other, having empathy, and wanting everyone to thrive and live is so mind-boggling when these things are basic human decency. My heart hurts reading every news story that comes out each day, knowing that we continue to push farther and farther away from one another, when really we should be striving for a better goal. I can only hope that 2021 holds better times for us, but things appear bleaker than ever. For now, I continue to point out the hypocrisy and indecency of it all so others may understand.
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