トランプ氏「コロナ感染は神からの祝福」豪語のワケ(2020年10月8日) - Mr. Trump "Corona Infection is a Blessing from God" A reason for the bold statement (October 8, 2020)

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トランプ氏「コロナ感染は神からの祝福」豪語のワケ(2020年10月8日) - Mr. Trump "Corona Infection is a Blessing from God" A reason for the bold statement (October 8, 2020)

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トランプ大統領が新たな動画を公開。「感染は神からの祝福だ」と話しました。  7日、ツイッターに投稿されたメッセージ。トランプ大統領は自らに投薬された未承認の抗体薬を絶賛しました。しかし、この動画には批判の声も。  そもそも、こうなったのは誰の責任か。副大統領候補による討論会。現副大統領は上司の擁護に追われます。  共和党・ペンス副大統領:「皆さんに知ってほしい。大統領は最初から皆さんの健康が第一だと考えていた。ワクチンなどもまもなくできる。大統領のリーダーシップで」  果たして、そうなのか。例えば、マスク。大統領がしていなかった期間はあまりに長く、感染発覚後、スタッフの前で外す様子も確認されています。対策は十分なのか。トランプ大統領はいまだに陰性かどうか明らかにされていません。その一方で、バイデン候補との討論会には意欲を示しています。新たな動画でこう主張しています。  トランプ大統領:「抗体薬は無償化する。皆さんの責任ではないのです。中国の責任だ。中国は大きな代償を払うことになる。

[I have personally translated the debate from Japanese to English and thus, it might not be the exact meaning/words from the actual debate.]

President Trump releases a new video. "Infection is a blessing from God," he said.

The message posted on Twitter on the 7th. President Trump has praised the unapproved antibody drug he had been given for treatment. However, there are criticisms against this video. Standford University, Subramanian said she was appalled by Trump’s comment that his diagnosis had been a blessing from God. “It really makes my stomach turn,” she said. “So would he say that the 210,000 Americans who died, they were cursed by God?” In the first place, who is responsible for this situation?

Kamala Harris: “On January 28th, the Vice president and president received the information that this pandemic will cause death and yet they did not tell the citizens. Debate by Vice Presidential Candidates. The current Vice President is busy defending his boss. Republican Vice President Pence: "I want you to know. From the beginning, the president thought that your health was the number one priority. Vaccines will soon be available. Under the leadership of the president."

Is that actually true? For example, a mask. The period that the president was not wearing the mask was too long, and it has been confirmed that he removed it in front of the staff after he was known to have the virus. Are the measures sufficient?

Moderator: “(Last month) During the even at the White House, people in the front row were not social distancing, most did not wear a mask, and a lot of people from that event was found to be infected. Do you think the citizens will follow the president despite this incident?” Vice President Pence: “There are great deal of speculations. But a lot of people who participated did receive the test.”

President Trump still has not stated whether he is a negative or not. On the other hand, he was enthusiastic during the debate with Biden. In the new video, he insists "The antibody drug will be free. It's not your responsibility. It's China's responsibility. China will pay a big price. Please remember that."

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