Left alone with religion

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Left alone with religion

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Everyone has gone through wildly different circumstances in the past 6 months, but due to the single same virus. I never thought a virus would be able to shut down the world as we know it within weeks; and in my young life I have taken a valuable lesson from all this: anything can happen at anytime, and to cherish the time you have. With this I don't mean anything in particular, I relate this to people, enjoying going places freely without fear, enjoying being with your family etc... Anything! Different things can happen in an instant, and learning to adapt to them is simply part of life. The time I had alone allowed me to ponder several issues in my life, such as religion; which is why I chose the Religion 101 class this semester. I could not have asked for a non-biased view and will carry lots of the knowledge I learnt into my life. Although I am personally agnostic as of now, I learned through watching others in the pandemic how religion can serve as something very important in providing faith and hope for many, whereas I thought before taking the course religion was a fraud and causes negative outcomes such as war. I have become more understanding on how it can positively benefit entire communities and change individuals lives, and while I continue to be agnostic I completely respect peoples faith's; as it is their personal relationship with their god. At the beginning of the pandemic, I had no idea I would come out on the other side with this perspective, and maybe one day this curiosity will lead me towards a more religious lifestyle, as I feel it gives life a purpose. Without a purpose, a need to do good and inflict positivity in the world, what is life truly for? These are just some of my thoughts at this time thank you Professor Shoemaker!

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