Looking at the past for a better future.

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Looking at the past for a better future.

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In this picture we can see my daughter and I enjoying a night out at the Arizona State Fair. During this time, we had an exceptionally good time out with perfect weather and atmosphere to enjoy this outdoor event. Coincidentally this picture was chosen on the topic of past and future and in the background of the picture there are dinosaurs. By contrast to this picture and the video link we can see how much things have changed in society to adapt to this pandemic that we are going through now. For this example, we can see how not just my family, but everyone was able to go out and enjoy commodities provided, to revel in and remember. Today this exact same event has had to adapt to these times regardless of individual wants to revert to a time when one can create memories during special events such as the state fair, and so it has had to limit this experience of rides for children and adults alike to a drive-thru of just the food that makes this event so memorable, such as funnel cakes, turkey legs and other carnival specific foods. This is an opportunity to be able to see how things were and how we can move forward in having events like this with added security measures to be able to enjoy the outdoors and socialize during these fun events. This is not an outlier of an example there are many rules and regulations that have been put in place on many events such as sports, religious practices and outings to even how one can spend time at the park with our children. It will be interesting to note how these impacts of societal change will shape not just our future but future generations as well. Covid-19 has affected not only our family or state but the entire world, this will be a time of change for everyone in which at a point in time we will be able to see what kinds of scars this left during the time and see how things have changed to better prepare or prevent such things from happening again and returning to a new sense of normalness.

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It is a Photograph of my daughter and I at the State fair.

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