新型コロナ“口から飲む”ワクチンの治験開始 米(2020年10月14日) - Clinical trial for the new corona "drinking from the mouth" vaccine has started in the US (October 14, 2020)

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新型コロナ“口から飲む”ワクチンの治験開始 米(2020年10月14日) - Clinical trial for the new corona "drinking from the mouth" vaccine has started in the US (October 14, 2020)

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This is a news about another form of vaccine. Honestly, I am skeptical about this vaccine because recently, there were news regarding the suspension of clinical trials of the vaccines due to the side effects. This news video does not talk about any side effects and negative parts about the vaccine. I do not have any hopes for this vaccine either because clinical trials are conducted too fast, despite the potential of side effects.

新型コロナウイルスのワクチン開発を巡り、アメリカの製薬会社「バクサート」は口から飲む経口ワクチンの治験を開始しました。  バクサートは13日、開発中の新型コロナウイルスの経口ワクチンについて、初期の治験を開始したと発表しました。対象は18歳から54歳の最大48人で、それぞれ2回投与して効果を確認するとしています。バクサートによりますと、新型コロナの経口ワクチンとしてはアメリカで初の臨床試験となります。注射するタイプのワクチンは通常、低温で保存する必要がありますが、経口ワクチンは常温でも安定して保存でき、運搬が容易だということです。バクサートの初期の治験結果は今後、数週間で明らかになる見通しです。

Regarding the development of a vaccine for the new coronavirus, the American pharmaceutical company "Vaxart" has begun its clinical trials of an oral vaccine that can be taken in from mouth. Vaxart announced on the 13th that they have started the initial clinical trial of an oral vaccine for the new coronavirus that is under development. The subjects are up to 48 people aged from 18 to 54 years old, and it is said that the effect will be confirmed by administering twice for each subject. According to Vaxart, it will be the first clinical trial in the United States for an oral vaccine for the new coronavirus. Injectable vaccines usually need to be stored at low temperatures, but oral vaccines are stable at room temperature and easy to transport. The results of early Vaxart trials are expected to be revealed in the coming weeks.

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