Cancelled our Wedding Three Days Prior after receiving COVID-19 yet with an Unexpectedly Joyful Conclusion

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Cancelled our Wedding Three Days Prior after receiving COVID-19 yet with an Unexpectedly Joyful Conclusion

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It came as a surprise to both my fiance and I that we were infected with the COVID-19 Virus, also known as the “Corona Virus.” The shock did not originate in finding the virus itself, but the timing of the discovery itself.

We were going to get married in three days.

Before the news of Corona arrived, we decided to get ourselves married on her parents farm in the outdoors and have a grand celebration with all family and friends invited, about 200 people give or take a few. Her parents wanted to renovate the farm and turn it into a wedding venue for future events so building tables, benches, and acquiring all manner of silverware were necessary for the final product.

When Corona extended its influence in the United States along with the first round of restrictions and small stores closing, we decided to decrease the size of the wedding by about 75, family and only very close friends only. We were glad we set the date to early fall as a spring or summer date would have been definitely cancelled; we believed Corona would have faded by then.

After eight months of construction, carpentry, painting, and landscaping (a lot of landscaping), the slightly dilapidated farm turned into a small paradise surrounded by beautiful, wooded ridges on both sides. My fiance and I became well-rounded in all forms of renovation and wedding prep as we were first-timers in both arenas. It was perfect and everything we could have wanted. Corona was still continuing across the nation and a good portion of the invited decided to not come to the wedding, their replacement being lovely cards and well-wishes. This wedding was to be a big reprieve in the midst of the chaos.

When the doctor brought back our results, I actually laughed out loud in the hospital room where my fiance and I were rapid-tested. For all the work, toil, and increasing disappointments we faced for the greater portion of the year, we would receive nothing, 2020 finally dealt us its trademark terrible hand.

What happened next was quite a surprise. Rather than the expected emotional infection of defeatism and grief, our families breathed a sigh of relief. All the stress of the last few months finally disappeared. What was there to be stressed out about any more? The worst-case-scenario actually happened at the worst timing I have ever experienced… Yet, we were still here. Fortunately, only my fiance and I were infected; the rest of our families all tested negative. Even more fortune came our way as rather than cancelling the whole wedding, we were able to postpone to a later date a whole month later, October 2nd, 2020. We took the time to rest and relax, along with planning precautions we would have never seen if Corona never affected us directly.

Today is October 14, 2020. My fiance now wife, Sophie, and I have been happily married for about a week and a half. We just placed the finishing touches on our new apartment and stocked our pantry and fridge with our first grocery run together. Our honeymoon to northern Minnesota was a resounding success. The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful and the colors more vibrant! I am just starting my senior year in college, hoping to complete a degree in History by next Spring and pursue my Masters soon afterwards. Sophie is currently working for her parents as her recent completion of a Piano Performance degree has yet to fulfill its purpose (The musical arts are currently smothered due to Corona), hopefully by spring a solution will present itself!

I am so glad the discovery of this Archive came when it did. The story is so fresh in my mind and the Archive’s values in rapid-response collection and full inclusivity match perfectly with our current state. I hope this story is inspiring and empathetic to those who read as every story I have thus read on this Archive has made me feel stronger and more confident amidst a terrible storm. Thank you for reading!

Ian Stewart
#Wedding, #Minnesota, #Tragedy, #Unexpected, #Cancelled, #Relief
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