Depression in Isolation

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Depression in Isolation

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Before Covid, like most others, I had made plans. My plans were to go on a mission trip for a whole month to Thailand. The week before all went to hell, I went to Chicago for a training session to prepare myself for the month-long mission trip. The people said that because I was supposed to go to Thailand in April that the trip could potentially get cancelled. I replied okay, but at first, I didn’t think Covid would be as bad as it has gotten, so I thought that I would still be able to go. I took a flight back to my hometown, and less than a day later, they called me and said that my trip was going to be cancelled. I immediately fell into a deep depression because I was really excited to go. I also work for Starbucks, so I had to continue to work through COvid the entire time, and I continued to get depressed because of all the events that are going on right now.
I then, a couple of months later, heard from the people from Thailand that said I could come and reschedule the mission trip there. So my spirits got lifted from there, but it is still up in the air right now.

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