Dating During COVID-19

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Dating During COVID-19

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My boyfriend and I met on 2019 New Year’s Eve and we brought in 2020 together. It was the best first date either of us had. I had dated countless men from online dating websites over the years and have had no luck. 3 months into eHarmony and with more bad luck and tired of years of getting nowhere with online dating, I signed on once more to delete my account. I had hundreds of unread messages. I scrolled towards the first messages I had received and for whatever reason I clicked on Matthew’s. His message was endearing and thought out. After 6 ½ hours spent talking on the first date, we continued to see each other each weekend thereafter. Just a few months into our relationship, COVID-19 was alive and well and striking fear into everyone in the world. Each date we’d had up until March consisted of lots of walks, talks, and dining out. Not once did we have a “Netflix and chill” date. We are both very much extroverts and we had to be out on the town, all the time. Once local restrictions were put into place, many restaurants closed, bowling alleys, museums, theaters, malls, and all non-essential stores were closed, including parks and beaches. Groups of more than 6 people were no longer allowed and if you were found outside, it must be considered to be doing some sort of recreation. We found it extremely difficult to find interesting things to do on our date nights. Eating out, taking walks, exploring new places, and doing new things was all we had ever done together. We even managed to not eat at the same restaurant for those 3 months (and continued this for almost 5)! A new relationship is already so uncertain with someone. Then having to be careful when we did decided to go out, not being able to see each other because a co-worker may have been exposed, etc. There were so many things that could have ended our relationship, nevermind any insecurities we carried into it from our previous relationships. Somehow, we made it work. We walked down empty streets, drove over an hour away to go swimming at an open beach, ate our meals on his truck bed in the parking lots of restaurants. It was such a strange experience to have during a new relationship, especially given how much we hated being inside. We managed to be mindful of not spreading the virus to others or each other when we decided to go out and still enjoyed our date nights out on the deserted streets of town. I feel that our relationship is even stronger having been through a pandemic, especially with our personality types. We are almost 10 months into our relationship and although it is still very much new, I feel that overcoming obstacles will not be a problem for us in the future.

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