Doing what we can

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Doing what we can

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This picture is one of a few I took during my AP CALC test which I would have to upload to their server. I find it important because it shows one of the first real choices that students and the school districts had to make when the pandemic was barely starting. By all accounts, teachers, admin, and children alike understood leaving school would be bad for their academic success but public safety demanded it. The people most affected by this being minorities who had less access to technology at home. In situations such as mine, the school could not even formally assign work to its students until it was certain every student had a laptop/desktop to work from; the consequence being that there was no incentive for kids to study.

Blogger, Guest. “What Coronavirus Has Taught Us About the Digital Divide.” Education Week - Rick Hess Straight Up, 18 May 2020,

Valencia, Bryan. Scribbles. 2020.

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Photograph capturing some of the realities that students and administrators had to make

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