As Coronavirus Deepens Inequality, Inequality Worsens its Spread

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As Coronavirus Deepens Inequality, Inequality Worsens its Spread

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The main point of the news article is to explain why people with lower incomes and people who live in poverty are at higher risk of contracting COVID 19. Additionally, the article highlights the struggles that people who have to work during the pandemic face, like their company not taking enough safety precautions for their workers.

I chose this article because it is important that people are aware of the communities that are the most at risk and most impacted by the pandemic. It is important that each country addresses this issue and makes steps to protect and help these people with their situation, especially during a pandemic.

This news article reveals the communities of people that were at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. It shows how this pandemic impacted and further harmed impoverished communities.

This news article is important because it highlights a large group of people who are being put at risk. The article calls attention to all countries that people that are impoverished or have a lower income are more likely now to struggle. Additionally the article warns that there could be a larger set back in these communities, since it is more likely that these people will contract COVID-19.

The article is very non-bias. I was surprised when reading this article that it was not biased, because this article could have easily included an opinion about the U.S. government's stance on free health care and how that could improve the situation for those at risk, but it did not.

The responsibility of the media during the COVID-19 pandemic is to inform the public on ways to stay safe, new updates (deaths, infected, vaccine, etc), state and country precautions being taken, and ways to help. Especially during a pandemic the public turns to the media to stay informed, so it is important that the media provides the public with a lot of information to ease their minds possibly.

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New York Times

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