Canning lid and jar shortage of 2020

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Canning lid and jar shortage of 2020

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I can wholly relate to this article. First the shortages of many items such as hand sanitizers, toilet paper, and food in the first few weeks of the pandemic. But after this summer's growing season, I found myself with a lot of vegetables to can and no jars and/or lids in my local stores. I did not keep extra on hand nor did I think to get any until it was time to can. I did find some in Louisville on websites, but I refused to travel there since the numbers were very high. I eventually ordered some with no guarantee it would arrive before my vegetables went bad. But, in the meantime, I would check the stores in hopes a shipment came in before my online orders arrived. My vegetables and fruits needed to be canned or a whole season would be lost for what I could not freeze. I know it sounds silly to some people and the least of worries for others but for me, it was almost a half a year effort. It was food for my family for the next coming months. Next year this will be a funny story but for now, I will add this to my “The Year of 2020” list. I know many people will not see the humor in this but who knew canning lids and jars would be such a hot item. But it in a way does make sense since we were forced to stay home and be creative with our time until we reopened as a society.
Article written by Suzanne Darland of Elizabethtown, KY The News Enterprise

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A newspaper article found in Elizabethtown, KY’s newspaper "The News-Enterprise."

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