GoTo対象 北海道のバスツアーで41人のうち12人感染(2020年10月23日) - GoTo travel: 12 out of 41 people infected on a bus tour in Hokkaido (October 23, 2020)

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GoTo対象 北海道のバスツアーで41人のうち12人感染(2020年10月23日) - GoTo travel: 12 out of 41 people infected on a bus tour in Hokkaido (October 23, 2020)

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Go to travel is a program in Japan that covers certain amount of traveling fee in Japan in order for the economy to boost back up. This program has been somewhat controversial I would say because we are still in a pandemic and we should not really travel around, especially Japan has one of the highest numbers of elderly people, and by traveling we could expose them to the virus. Also, I really do not understand how they can just overlook someone when they are having some kind of symptoms. It is very irresponsible for the tour company to do so and risk others to get the virus.

GoToトラベルの対象になっている北海道のバスツアーで参加者など41人のうち12人が新型コロナウイルスに感染したことが分かりました。  読売旅行によりますと、感染者が出たのは今月中旬に関西地方から新千歳空港に入り、北海道をバスで周遊した3泊4日のツアーです。参加者38人と添乗員ら合わせて41人のうち12人の感染が確認されました。参加者は新千歳空港に到着した際、体温や健康状態を書くチェックシートを添乗員に提出しました。この時、参加者の1人が「せきや喉の痛みなどの呼吸器症状」の項目をチェックしましたが、添乗員が見落としていました。その後、この人の感染が確認されて全員の検査をすることになりました。その北海道では22日に新たに40人の感染が確認されました。このうち札幌市は31人で、一日あたりとしては過去2番目に多い人数です。

It was found that 12 out of 41 participants, were infected with the new coronavirus on a bus tour in Hokkaido, which is a part of GoTo Travel.

According to the Yomiuri trip, the infected participants came from the Kansai region in the middle of this month on a 3-night 4-day tour that landed New Chitose Airport and traveled around Hokkaido by bus. Infection was confirmed in 12 out of 41 people, including 38 participants and tour conductors. When the participants arrived at New Chitose Airport, they submitted a check sheet to the tour operator to write down their body temperature and health condition. At this time, one of the participants checked the item "Respiratory symptoms such as coughing and sore throat", but the tour operator overlooked it. After that, this person's infection was confirmed and everyone had to be tested. In Hokkaido, 40 new infections were confirmed on the 22nd. Of these, 31 are in Sapporo, the second-highest number per day in the past.

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