Election 2020

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Election 2020

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I have become very passionate about this years election, more so because I am hopeful that as a democratic country we can all elect to steer clear of the part we’re on. I was eager to vote but my husband was worried about COVID precautions and people not following guidelines. We walked into our nearest polling place yesterday and we’re immediately asked to put gloves on, masks were also required but gloves were provided. They told us not to touch computer screens without them. We were lead to sign in and our ballots were printed. Next we stood at the voting boxes which were six feet apart. Naturally I gave my daughter an iPad so we could vote in peace. In all I was satisfied with the precautions my local polling place took. I walked out feeling safe and hopeful. I voted for the future of the country and the sake of my children. COVID has put a pause on many things this year, I’m glad the election is not one of them.

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