A Difference Between Blue Lives and Black Lives.

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A Difference Between Blue Lives and Black Lives.

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This experience was a phone call I had with my mother in June. My mother is a corrections officer and works in the local jail. Amidst the height of the Black Lives Matter protests, I was discussing with my mom that I value her and the work she does, yet I fully support the BLM movement and the demand for justice. The conversation shifted to white privilege and I shared my ideas on what white privilege is and how it shows up. Towards the end of the conversation, my mother stated that she should be able to wear her uniform in public without being criticized, judged, or feeling unsafe, and how it was ‘unfair’ that the BLM movement targeted police officers. My response was, “at least you have the option to take your uniform and feel safe, whereas black people do not have that option.”

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This is a personal story of an interaction I had with my mother regarding the Black Lives Matter Movement.

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