Decorating Ubereats bags

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Decorating Ubereats bags

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Restrictions meant many food shops in the city, like the one I worked at, received barely any customers during the harshest periods of quarantine. The 5km rule meant not many people had access to our location, whilst most of our customers who usually worked in office jobs in the city were also tasked with working from home. Our main source of income became the multiple delivery platforms my boss installed in our store. To both fill the quieter periods in the store, and to show the customers who ordered via these delivery platforms how much their business meant, my boss tasked everyone with decorating Uber bags and writing nice messages to customers. In this photo, you can see a design my colleague drew on an Uber bag, which was later used to carry Gilbert’s food. This small act connected both customer and business and showed our appreciation for the customers support of our small business.

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