Covid-19 in One Word V: Introspective

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Covid-19 in One Word V: Introspective

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This word comes from a motivated woman, a photographer, and a traveller.
Introspective: characterized by examination of one's own thoughts and feelings
Most people, in times of trouble, look outward for support--or blame. But when everyone is kept more than an arm’s length away, the only person close enough to seek answers from is yourself. So when Covid-19 shut the world down, it brought the focus to a more internal source. During this time of uneasiness, the only comfort we could find had to be within ourselves. This means we became self-aware, and some started self-growth. Without others to rely on, we had to strengthen ourselves to be the shoulder we cry on. This means we reevaluated our values and if changes needed to be made, we started on those. It’s not like we didn’t have extra time to kill. With this new perspective, a forced perspective, much change occurred in almost everyone, good or bad, intentional or unintentional. But no matter where it came from, all of this change came from covid. Because when we are isolated, it’s important to acknowledge whether we like our company or not.

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