North Carolina rally organizer plans Election Day march

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North Carolina rally organizer plans Election Day march

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The story describes an antiracism march that was permitted to rally in the streets according to the rally leader. However, the article also explains that the police said they did not have permission to block the street, but that they escorted the marchers through the streets. It is important because it shows both sides of the story, even though they are conflicting. I do not see any blind spots in this, but I would be curious to see the proof of who was right.

The reason I decided to blur the faces in this image as well as the officer’s badges is to hide their identities as the article states that “later 8 people were arrested”.

By doing this, it protects the officer’s from any backlash of the arrestees or their families and friends. Hiding the faces of the arrestees protects them from repercussions of their employers using the image against them or any backlash they would receive from others, typically on social media.

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Photograph and text story. I found it in Google during a search for recent Carolina protests.

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The Charlotte Observer

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