Don't take it(fashion) away from me!

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Don't take it(fashion) away from me!

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I chose this piece of media because this shows the intertwining of the government's edict to wear masks and fashion. This made me realize two things- first was that even in a pandemic like this, people still do want to improvise and try to earn money and secondly, beauty and fashion is what makes life worth living, as even in such a tumultuous time such as now, we find a way to overcome and make the world a brighter place;people will always find a way to put fashion and style in everything even in such a dangerous time as this. We see people even taking advantage of this new business venture, as when I was strolling around in Caesar's Palace, I saw a store selling Covid-19 related fashion clothes such as those in the picture above. This seems to be a compromise of the people and the government- "ok, we'll wear masks, but don't take it(the fashion) away from me!".

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Covid-19 Fashion show in Paris

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