1 in every 15 North Dakotans have tested positive for COVID-19 since March.

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1 in every 15 North Dakotans have tested positive for COVID-19 since March.

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“The prevalence of COVID-19 in the state is increasing, and North Dakota's recent surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths is becoming unmanageable. As of Friday, Nov. 6, almost 10,000 North Dakotans are known to be infected with the virus, 613 people have died either due to or with COVID-19 and the state's 14-day average positivity rate on all tests has nearly doubled in one month…North Dakota is performing the worst in the United States with the highest death rate and positive case rate per 100,000 people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”
North Dakota is struggling with its surge in cases. The military base that my family and I live on has gone back into HPCON-C (Health Protection Condition- Charlie), which basically means the base is at the level of lockdown that we faced in the beginning of the pandemic. While travel has been discouraged for everyone during the pandemic, military members have had actual movement restrictions put on them, meaning that we haven't seen our family since last year and probably won't be able to again until at least summer of 2021. We were lucky enough to travel to South Dakota for a quick getaway before the fall semester started again, but our trip was cut short due to the spikes in cases in South Dakota.

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Screenshot of a news article taken from the Grand Forks Herald -and- A text story by me.

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