東京534人感染 最多を更新 警戒レベル「最高」に(2020年11月19日) - Updated the highest number of infections in 534 people in Tokyo to the highest alert level (November 19, 2020)

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東京534人感染 最多を更新 警戒レベル「最高」に(2020年11月19日) - Updated the highest number of infections in 534 people in Tokyo to the highest alert level (November 19, 2020)

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This is a news that talks about the highest number of COVID cases in Tokyo. I believe this is caused by all the GO TO Travel which promoted people to travel despite being in COVID, and how all restaurants are open to dine-in and no one doing take-out. Also, Izakaya, a drinking/eating type of restaurants are usually have seats close to each other and do not have good ventilation.

東京都できょう、新型コロナウイルスの感染者が534人確認され、2日連続、過去最多を更新しました。 都は4段階の警戒レベルを「最高」に引き上げました。 きょう、都内で感染が確認されたのは534人できのうの493人を上回り最多を更新しました。 1日の新規感染者数が500人を超えるのは初めてです。 重症者はきのうから1人減った38人です。 こうした中、都は専門家と会議を開き、「感染状況」についての警戒レベルをおよそ2ヵ月ぶりに4段階で最も深刻な「感染が拡大している」に引き上げました。 特に重症化のリスクがある高齢者が大幅に増加したとして注意を呼びかけました。 (小池知事)「急速な感染拡大の局面にあるということ。高齢者・基礎疾患のある人は会食への参加を控えてもらいたい。避けてもらいたい。」 ただ、飲食店の営業時間の短縮要請については、「時短の効果とマイナスの影響を比較して考える必要がある」など慎重な意見もあり、現時点では行わない方針です。

In Tokyo, 534 people were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus, which was a highest number for the second consecutive day. Tokyo has raised the four levels of alertness to "highest". Today, the number of confirmed infections (543) in Tokyo exceeded 493. This is the first time that the number of newly infected people exceeds 500 per day. The number of seriously ill people is 38, one less than yesterday. Under these circumstances, the city held a meeting with experts and raised the alert level for "infection status" to the most serious "infection is spreading" in four stages for the first time in about two months. In particular, Tokyo has stated that the number of elderly people at risk of becoming severe has increased significantly.

(Governor Koike) "We are in a phase of rapid infection spread. We would like elderly people and people with underlying illnesses to refrain from attending dinner. Please avoid it."

However, regarding the request to shorten the business hours of restaurants, she stated that "It is necessary to compare the effect of shortening the time with the negative effect", so we will not make that decision at this time.

Video translated by Youngbin Noh

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