Horace Graydon: I want to live peacefully with you, politically, socially…


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Horace Graydon: I want to live peacefully with you, politically, socially…
Horace Graydon, Oral History, 2020/09/24

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Horace Graydon is a community volunteer, avid walker, and advocate for disrupting the pipeline to prison for youth of color. Horace tells his story against the backdrop of his long-term sentences in federal penitentiary. In the end, Horace is hopeful, though, finding that his passion for his work now. Stating that he "took so much out of our black communities by when" he committed acts that led him to prison that, now, he is

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oral history

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Juilee Decker

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Horace Graydon

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Interview by Juilee Decker and Joysetta Pearse with Horace Graydon Recorded September 24, 2020
5:30 pm ET
Conducted over Zoom, lasting 24 minutes

01:26:38.400 --> 01:26:41.970
Joysetta Pearse: Yeah, this is Horace great and and he's going to be taken to see here

01:26:42.120 --> 01:26:43.650
Juilee Decker: Oh, good. Oh, hi Horace.

01:26:45.150 --> 01:26:45.600
Joysetta Pearse: Enjoy.

01:26:46.020 --> 01:26:51.810
Juilee Decker: Good. Okay, so I have your name, your first name is h o our AC is that right

01:26:51.990 --> 01:27:01.770
Juilee Decker: Yes, perfect. Okay, so here's the way it works. I'm asking people about what what COVID has been like for them. So I have questions. So I asked each question. There's five questions.

01:27:02.100 --> 01:27:12.120
Juilee Decker: And then you can answer the question, and we can take it, you know, in a little different direction. If it goes that way. And so the first question is, before coven

01:27:13.590 --> 01:27:19.410
Juilee Decker: By the way, my name is Julie. I didn't say that. I was talking to George said, and I get all wrapped up when I'm talking to Joe cetera you know how it is.

01:27:20.430 --> 01:27:26.760
Juilee Decker: So before COVID. What would you say an average day was like for you. And then, what's it like now.

01:27:29.250 --> 01:27:41.280
Horace Graydon: Well, before COVID. I was working with community partnership program CPP community partnership program and other various organizations that I've worked with African American Museum

01:27:41.940 --> 01:27:51.630
Horace Graydon: And after school program. I had a very busy schedule my schedule was very my work schedules and then not talking about

01:27:52.620 --> 01:28:00.570
Horace Graydon: All of the work that I do. I don't drive but I walk a lot. I walk at least eight to nine miles a day through Hempstead

01:28:01.530 --> 01:28:15.630
Horace Graydon: Through him stand Freeport all around through there. Plus my various jobs. I go to the homestead high school free for high school, I go to a big school. I do. I did a lot of work with my job COVID that came

01:28:16.770 --> 01:28:19.050
Horace Graydon: And went into lockdown low.

01:28:20.850 --> 01:28:26.040
Horace Graydon: The first month, my whole schedule change was that I was working from home.

01:28:27.570 --> 01:28:31.200
Horace Graydon: I was working from home and I'm not that good at the computer.

01:28:32.700 --> 01:28:41.190
Horace Graydon: And so I had to work from home. I had to make call I had to do intakes and I had to do various things from home, plus in in in during the COVID

01:28:42.600 --> 01:28:48.570
Horace Graydon: I was cleaning out my sister's house I was she had the house was sold and sold for about a year and a half.

01:28:49.020 --> 01:28:59.250
Horace Graydon: So I took the time to clean the house out so we could be out of the house when the COVID was over the people's told us when the COVID over when they give the full clear that's when they wanted to move in.

01:29:00.030 --> 01:29:07.830
Horace Graydon: So we cleaned out clean the house out and and and that was very traumatic for me because my sister kept everything

01:29:08.910 --> 01:29:12.390
Horace Graydon: I mean everything thing from I'm 75 years old.

01:29:13.590 --> 01:29:13.980
Horace Graydon: And

01:29:16.110 --> 01:29:21.540
Horace Graydon: Ah, I had to go through all that stuff memories and so forth and so forth. Yeah, yeah.

01:29:21.570 --> 01:29:22.230
Juilee Decker: That's the part

01:29:22.320 --> 01:29:29.370
Horace Graydon: That's, yeah that's that's the hard. That's very hard. And so what I did was we clean the house out

01:29:31.440 --> 01:29:43.890
Horace Graydon: I still was working from home and I was spending a lot of time at home but i what i was doing is I was, I was reading, I was reading I'm I spent 32 years in the federal penitentiary.

01:29:44.970 --> 01:29:53.790
Horace Graydon: And so I locked down really didn't mean that much to me other than my work schedule was messed up in my exercise schedules. Mr.

01:29:54.390 --> 01:30:09.120
Horace Graydon: But yet, but I did, I did started back reading. I started reading some of them. Some of my own books that I've had for a long time that I always wanted to get back to read. I started reading James Baldwin, Richard Wright

01:30:12.210 --> 01:30:24.840
Horace Graydon: Content from a lot of old books and old poetry books in it. What it did was revised me. And during this time we were doing the Black Lives Matters will happen. And I was doing a Zoom

01:30:26.130 --> 01:30:35.520
Horace Graydon: Some Zoom some virtual resume with some young kids and some of the conversations we were having was about the Black Lives Matters about the COVID virus.

01:30:35.910 --> 01:30:44.400
Horace Graydon: So, it changed it changed my schedule that my, my whole schedule was was geared to the house. Yeah, yeah, you know,

01:30:44.970 --> 01:31:04.320
Horace Graydon: I did not go out. I did not get to do my exercise with my walking like I generally do I didn't get to go to the gym. I didn't get to go around and meet a lot of people. So I lost contact with a lot of people like with everyone else to COVID saw it really

01:31:05.850 --> 01:31:14.700
Horace Graydon: Hindered me from doing the work. I know I had friends that were passing out food and stuff, but I did not take those chances are going out.

01:31:16.020 --> 01:31:37.920
Horace Graydon: So now what we're doing now, I find myself getting out more. I'm out more. I'm almost back on my schedule working but i'm i'm still being very, very safe and land my mass keeping my social distance and by me being social being a person that gets out into the community.

01:31:39.480 --> 01:31:47.070
Horace Graydon: The touching and stuff really, you know, people, you know, the element of people are mess with you know they

01:31:48.600 --> 01:32:03.930
Horace Graydon: You know, they want to hit a dental get bow, bow, you know, hit them. They want this. The fifth. And I said no and and i will see into some people will get offended. Yeah. Yeah. Some people will get very offended attitudes that change.

01:32:05.250 --> 01:32:12.720
Horace Graydon: Even when you when you go into some of the stores attitudes have changed. They asked for mass and some of them don't.

01:32:13.320 --> 01:32:25.950
Horace Graydon: These movable, they use data, you know, they did not run in no money away. You have a mass going on, you don't. You can still come in Moscow. That's it. That's, that's the attitude. Oh.

01:32:26.790 --> 01:32:30.780
Juilee Decker: Let me ask you this with your walking, because I'm a walker to

01:32:31.020 --> 01:32:47.820
Juilee Decker: Okay, do not eight miles, like you goodness Horace, but I still walk deep. Do you find that now that you're able to get back into the walking that you feel a little bit better in your head like walking for me is like a way to clear my mind like I do it for exercise.

01:32:48.060 --> 01:32:51.090
Juilee Decker: But I also walk because I need to like clear my thoughts and

01:32:51.090 --> 01:32:59.220
Juilee Decker: My wipe the slate clean. Do you feel like now that you're able to pick back up with your walking you feel a little bit better up in your head a little bit

01:32:59.460 --> 01:33:04.650
Horace Graydon: Yes. Well, I, I feel good. I never get have any any

01:33:06.420 --> 01:33:11.160
Horace Graydon: Any negative stuff coming out. But I found that I found in walking

01:33:12.810 --> 01:33:16.200
Horace Graydon: I found a difference in the neighborhoods that would go through

01:33:17.400 --> 01:33:17.790
Juilee Decker: Okay.

01:33:17.820 --> 01:33:19.290
Horace Graydon: From a real

01:33:19.380 --> 01:33:21.540
Horace Graydon: I went to Garden City.

01:33:22.650 --> 01:33:29.730
Horace Graydon: Right here in Garden City rich neighborhood, but I found that they were speaking to me. You know, when I come by and

01:33:29.760 --> 01:33:33.870
Horace Graydon: Say hello. They were, you know, how you doing, I am a mask on, give me some

01:33:34.410 --> 01:33:38.550
Horace Graydon: Water and I found all people will

01:33:41.100 --> 01:33:46.290
Horace Graydon: People were a little more sociable than I've seen in a long time.

01:33:47.010 --> 01:33:50.640
Horace Graydon: I mean in some of the neighborhood. You know, somebody would net

01:33:53.370 --> 01:34:08.100
Horace Graydon: When I first started back wall and it wasn't a suspicion of you coming through a neighborhood that you didn't come from, but that chain and and and i change. I think the political climate change and I found that

01:34:09.120 --> 01:34:10.440
Horace Graydon: just the other day.

01:34:12.300 --> 01:34:32.460
Horace Graydon: I went to Glengrove a walking out that way. And I, and I found that a lot of people were staring. I was being. In fact, I got stopped one time and now people want to know what I was doing in this particular neighborhood. I told them, I'm just walking and

01:34:33.840 --> 01:34:34.650
Juilee Decker: Doing your thing.

01:34:34.770 --> 01:34:36.000
Horace Graydon: I'm just doing me, man.

01:34:36.180 --> 01:34:36.780
Horace Graydon: Yeah yeah

01:34:37.020 --> 01:34:48.990
Horace Graydon: I engage them in conversation. And I asked him, you know, I mean I wouldn't hostile, but they came on very aggressive. What are you doing through here. Yeah, you know, well, you know, one guy said, “What is this a Black Lives Matters thing as it all?” I'm just walking.

01:34:50.040 --> 01:35:01.800
Horace Graydon: You know, so, but I but it changed. I had been to bear. I had never been harassed, an area and it changed during the, during the COVID . I think it changed because of the political environment.

01:35:02.880 --> 01:35:15.150
Horace Graydon: Around me change that first started back walking with the COVID and everything. You can see people giving you a companionship comradeship wanting to know is you. All right, you know,

01:35:17.640 --> 01:35:25.800
Horace Graydon: The Black Lives Matters in COVID virus in the political field change greatly. Yeah, yeah.

01:35:25.860 --> 01:35:30.360
Juilee Decker: That's, yeah, that's interesting. And it's it's sad because

01:35:30.540 --> 01:35:30.930
Horace Graydon: Yeah.

01:35:30.990 --> 01:35:32.340
Juilee Decker: You haven't changed.

01:35:32.400 --> 01:35:52.740
Horace Graydon: No, I haven't. I think I've gotten know I think I've gotten on or I've gotten a lot of new insight. A lot of new insight. A lot of new things, then I'm done, I'm trying out. I, I do a lot of stuff but COVID I see right now that is going to cut a lot of a lot of activities. Now,

01:35:55.500 --> 01:36:04.440
Juilee Decker: So what you started to answer this to the next question is, you said about what you're doing occupy your time, but the one. So that's number three. Number four is

01:36:04.950 --> 01:36:18.990
Juilee Decker: How has it affected any groups you're with. And I think you talked about that with the work and you were just touching on it there. But is there any other group like church or with joy says group or anything. Is there any other group that you feel like it's different with

01:36:18.990 --> 01:36:23.490
Horace Graydon: Now, of course, I work with, I work on 100 Terrace (PEACE Program) in the

01:36:24.660 --> 01:36:27.600
Horace Graydon: after school program from 330 to 630

01:36:28.140 --> 01:36:29.130
Horace Graydon: I work up there.

01:36:30.450 --> 01:36:44.400
Horace Graydon: To run on Council of there and we can't. We used to have 30-40 kids we only can have 10 kids 15 kids because we have to practice safe distance

01:36:44.850 --> 01:37:02.400
Horace Graydon: So we had to make the choice between letting the robotics club. We had a robotics club that started three years ago and they they've been placing each year, getting better and better. And so what we're doing. So we had to make the choice of dealing with the robotics.

01:37:04.260 --> 01:37:18.540
Horace Graydon: And what would be best. So we started dealing with the robotics clubs and we started doing the virtual. We do Virtual School, and we help the kids to after school kids with the kids. They go to the charter school and ABG [Alverta B. Gray Schultz Middle School] in Hempstead.

01:37:19.770 --> 01:37:25.260
Horace Graydon: We do the virtual on the Zoom and we help them with their homework from 330 to 630.

01:37:25.860 --> 01:37:34.560
Juilee Decker: Let me ask you what subject. Do you like helping the kids with like, what's your because I always like helping with math, but not anymore. I like helping with reading. But what's the thing you like how

01:37:34.560 --> 01:37:42.480
Horace Graydon: Well i i don't…I do a little math, but what I do is, are we, is two other teachers that are very good at math, but what I generally do is

01:37:42.930 --> 01:37:58.170
Horace Graydon: They read I teach him to read and now they're reading it reading books of the one of the younger girls was reading a book of Claudette Colvin. She was the lady that was before Rosa Parks with the boycotts around.

01:37:59.010 --> 01:38:05.400
Horace Graydon: And one of the little young girls. And so I began to give them. And I am a history person, you know, I know a lot

01:38:05.760 --> 01:38:13.410
Horace Graydon: I know a lot of history. I know a lot of my history African history medical history about countries. And so I always give them a

01:38:17.070 --> 01:38:18.840
Horace Graydon: Tell them about how to be safe.

01:38:19.980 --> 01:38:30.990
Horace Graydon: I had a group, I have a group called “The Kigs” and I teach them if they approached by our law enforcement what to say, what to do, how I act.

01:38:31.410 --> 01:38:39.420
Horace Graydon: And make sure they have the school ID and the first thing I tell them is let them know that you're 12 YEARS OLD AND THIS IS YOUR SCHOOL ID and you're going home.

01:38:39.780 --> 01:38:40.830
Juilee Decker: Yeah yeah yeah

01:38:41.820 --> 01:38:42.330
Juilee Decker: That's good.

01:38:43.110 --> 01:38:45.900
Juilee Decker: Thing with the, the history. I love history too. I

01:38:46.080 --> 01:38:47.130
Juilee Decker: I teach history.

01:38:47.400 --> 01:38:49.110
Horace Graydon: And we would have this part of history do you teach?

01:38:49.860 --> 01:39:10.800
Juilee Decker: So my my period of history is American history and I research monuments and memorials from like 1850s to 1920s. And so it's American history and I teach classes on that and I love history, but I read history from any period. I love it. I absolutely love history. So I'm in your boat.

01:39:10.800 --> 01:39:11.700
Horace Graydon: Uh

01:39:11.730 --> 01:39:18.450
Horace Graydon: We're doing that, as you said about the memorials. I lived in Washington DC for about 15 years

01:39:18.720 --> 01:39:19.470
Juilee Decker: Oh, goodness.

01:39:20.940 --> 01:39:21.780
Horace Graydon: I knew

01:39:23.010 --> 01:39:27.780
Horace Graydon: And I always in Washington is full of statues of

01:39:28.860 --> 01:39:30.840
Horace Graydon: People that you wouldn't even believe

01:39:31.080 --> 01:39:32.460
Horace Graydon: You know that have

01:39:32.850 --> 01:39:36.150
Horace Graydon: That have a statue and a lot of more

01:39:37.170 --> 01:39:49.590
Horace Graydon: Like soldiers out of the Civil War soldiers, a lot of Civil War generals and I often ask myself, why was this and then I remember that.

01:39:50.400 --> 01:40:01.680
Horace Graydon: Washington was the capital after Philadelphia and the reason Washington became so pro black was that it was the capital in the soldiers were there, it was safe for the blacks to be there.

01:40:02.040 --> 01:40:05.400
Juilee Decker: Yep. Now let me ask you this, that, that when you were in DC.

01:40:05.700 --> 01:40:13.410
Juilee Decker: Did you ever see the work. It's by Ed Hamilton, who's a black sculptor from Louisville and I used to live in Kentucky. I'm from the Deep South. I'm from Atlanta.

01:40:13.710 --> 01:40:26.730
Juilee Decker: But I lived in Kentucky and Ed Hamilton is a sculptor from Kentucky. He did a piece in DC. It's called but I'm not sure on the exact name, but it's the US Colored Troops Memorial and it's up there on K Avenue.

01:40:27.480 --> 01:40:28.380
Horace Graydon: Oh, yeah, I've seen that.

01:40:28.590 --> 01:40:32.580
Juilee Decker: A circle piece, and it's got the Colored Troops it's it's

01:40:32.610 --> 01:40:33.000
Horace Graydon: Not

01:40:33.120 --> 01:40:34.080
Juilee Decker: It's pretty big.

01:40:34.230 --> 01:40:34.710
Juilee Decker: But it's just

01:40:35.040 --> 01:40:38.640
Juilee Decker: It is my one of my favorite pieces of all time.

01:40:39.450 --> 01:40:41.490
Horace Graydon: It’s over by Malcolm X’s park.

01:40:41.730 --> 01:40:55.650
Juilee Decker: Yep, yep, that's, that's a good and when I teach that one in my class I have a class on monuments memorials and we focus on America just because there's too many. It's not like I don't like other countries, it's just

01:40:55.650 --> 01:40:55.830
Horace Graydon: It's

01:40:55.890 --> 01:40:56.970
Juilee Decker: Too much in my head right

01:40:57.000 --> 01:41:04.470
Juilee Decker: Here when when we talk about that piece, the students. Well, first of all, most of them don't know it. And second of all,

01:41:05.250 --> 01:41:18.960
Juilee Decker: They don't know about the Colored Troops right because it's Civil War history and they only know North and South. They don't know about the Colored Troops they like to. But they love it. They love that piece. So I'm so glad you brought that up the Washington DC like that is a

01:41:21.150 --> 01:41:23.520
Juilee Decker: Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, okay.

01:41:23.700 --> 01:41:39.240
Juilee Decker: So let me ask you, what word. So what we talked about groups. Number five is what word would you use to describe your feeling at the beginning of COVID. So what were you feeling like them and what word would you describe the way you feel now.

01:41:41.190 --> 01:41:42.930
Horace Graydon: Well, I would say I was

01:41:46.650 --> 01:41:48.420
Horace Graydon: Energized in passion.

01:41:49.950 --> 01:41:50.700
Horace Graydon: I was

01:41:52.620 --> 01:41:53.700
Horace Graydon: deeply committed

01:41:56.310 --> 01:42:06.150
Horace Graydon: I am before and an after COVID and even now as I'm beginning to move around. I find that my passion has grown

01:42:07.200 --> 01:42:10.740
Horace Graydon: My passion for my work has grown tremendously.

01:42:12.300 --> 01:42:23.700
Horace Graydon: I'll have a passion because I took so much out of our black communities by when I was in prison for things. I went to prison for I went, you know, went to prison for armored car robbery and bank robbery.

01:42:24.690 --> 01:42:35.520
Horace Graydon: And so I took so much out as a community, and I'm energized even more now because I see what's going on. I'm right here, the African American Museum is right here in the heart of the one of the

01:42:36.510 --> 01:42:50.640
Horace Graydon: biggest drug streets there is. And so I look around and I watch and I still see the Crack Head is still out there never moved, he never came on in. The homeless never came in.

01:42:51.330 --> 01:43:05.580
Horace Graydon: The kids that are here, when a parent, so stuff they don't get along with the parents. They are still out in the street. There is still gang violence has has has stepped up a lot.

01:43:06.780 --> 01:43:10.320
Horace Graydon: There's been several shootings and killings, just in Hempstead alone.

01:43:11.700 --> 01:43:19.980
Horace Graydon: Domestic violence, I'm talking with I do a lot of counseling with adults. There's domestic violence has hit a record number in the black community.

01:43:21.150 --> 01:43:40.710
Horace Graydon: And you'll find a lot of lot of lot of men and women are on the street due to domestic violence. And so even doing now, I'm energized even more. I have a more, deeper passion for my work now than I ever had and

01:43:42.030 --> 01:43:46.800
Horace Graydon: I have no problem at all now about I'm really

01:43:48.300 --> 01:44:01.260
Horace Graydon: Focused on on the work that I do and I tried to remain as positive as I possibly can in everything that I do. But I'm tracking and I have more passion, I have

01:44:02.700 --> 01:44:11.520
Horace Graydon: Seen like my my my my deep down in my spirit, I have this passion that that is going to be some changes in the community.

01:44:12.150 --> 01:44:24.300
Horace Graydon: That is going to be some changes or just in people's lives, you know, if I can make a change in their lives, too. Because I go around. I do speak in the gamers I speak about the

01:44:25.740 --> 01:44:33.900
Horace Graydon: prison, the pipeline. I speak about that, which was is prevalent in our, in our community young black men and black kids.

01:44:35.400 --> 01:44:41.640
Horace Graydon: by the time they get out of middle school, they’re heading straight to the juveniles facilities and stuff that they do. Okay.

01:44:52.470 --> 01:44:52.830
Horace Graydon: Good.

01:45:03.720 --> 01:45:05.760
Horace Graydon: Excuse me one minute.

01:45:06.870 --> 01:45:09.360
Horace Graydon: But just let them know. Okay.

01:45:09.960 --> 01:45:12.510
Horace Graydon: Yeah, or What was that again was the

01:45:12.930 --> 01:45:16.080
Juilee Decker: This was the question about the feeling, then, and the feeling now.

01:45:16.170 --> 01:45:26.160
Horace Graydon: Okay, well, ok. Yeah. Well, yeah, my feelings all that. None. I'm on or I'm on a different plane.

01:45:27.420 --> 01:45:43.470
Horace Graydon: I'm on a higher plane. I'm just as energize I'm just as healthy. I have no really heavy healthiest you for my age, I'm still moving around good people, people are listening more. I think people are listening more

01:45:46.110 --> 01:45:46.530
Horace Graydon: to what we have to say.

01:45:46.650 --> 01:45:47.790
Juilee Decker: That's good. I understand that I do.

01:45:48.090 --> 01:45:59.220
Juilee Decker: Yeah. And the last question is, is there anything else about this whole COVID thing that you think other people need to know where that you want to share

01:45:59.820 --> 01:46:13.620
Horace Graydon: Well, I think one of the things about this COVID thing is that they haven't really looked, i don't think even with the deaths, if they would look around and look at some of some of these guys that a lot of people have died and they said, oh,

01:46:15.060 --> 01:46:26.220
Horace Graydon: Specially the deep, the under, the disenfranchised, the drug addict and stuff. It's been a lot of ODs [overdoses] that they just that came from COVID

01:46:26.820 --> 01:46:43.440
Horace Graydon: but they say is OD. There is not counting the neck and neck vertical or is not counting in a particular day would count it, but they are not counting these people. I found that all I think our country is in a state.

01:46:44.610 --> 01:46:50.880
Horace Graydon: In a political state, we have divided in I don't want, I don't want to see us in such a divided

01:46:51.780 --> 01:47:01.290
Horace Graydon: Like we are, I think we have to fight decisively. I think our leader, the leaders that we have, and the prejudices, and so I think they are fueling

01:47:01.650 --> 01:47:13.530
Horace Graydon: The racial divide and then that's that my ah... And I think that all white people, brown people black people, I think that we should know that that you are not my enemy.

01:47:14.130 --> 01:47:34.410
Horace Graydon: I'm not holding slavery against you though slavery happen. I'm not holding slavery against you. I'm not holding, because George Floyd got killed. I'm not saying how all or white folks or whatever are bad, but I think that people should know that.

01:47:36.060 --> 01:47:47.010
Horace Graydon: I want to live peacefully with you, politically, socially, a while and I want to know that this this thing just now, the political atmosphere, our country right now.

01:47:47.970 --> 01:48:00.270
Horace Graydon: Is going. It has to change. You know, it has to change. Because if it doesn't change, I think that will be heading into errors that we have no business while back into slavery time and I

01:48:01.380 --> 01:48:10.170
Juilee Decker: Understand that and I uh, I pray. So I pray that things get better because I can't, I can't have them get worse like

01:48:10.200 --> 01:48:11.160
Horace Graydon: Would be

01:48:11.220 --> 01:48:12.780
Juilee Decker: That would be that would be bad.

01:48:13.380 --> 01:48:19.320
Juilee Decker: Oh well Horace. I thank you so much for your time. It was so nice to meet you. I am so

01:48:20.520 --> 01:48:22.620
Horace Graydon: Maybe sometimes you come out to the museum.

01:48:23.460 --> 01:48:24.270
Juilee Decker: I told Joysetta…

01:48:24.360 --> 01:48:26.520
Juilee Decker: already told her. I'm coming over. I have to come visit

01:48:26.520 --> 01:48:29.940
Juilee Decker: Joysetta. So when I come visit Joysetta, I'll see you too.

01:48:30.180 --> 01:48:31.200
Horace Graydon: This is my favorite person here.

01:48:32.340 --> 01:48:34.230
Juilee Decker: She can’t be your favorite and my favorite at the same

01:48:34.230 --> 01:48:35.250
Juilee Decker: Time or can she?

01:48:38.010 --> 01:48:38.940
Joysetta Pearse: Do we have one more.

01:48:39.420 --> 01:48:39.990
Juilee Decker: We do.

01:48:40.170 --> 01:48:41.190
Joysetta Pearse: Okay, okay.

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