Wentworth Facing Changes; The Architecture Studios


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Wentworth Facing Changes; The Architecture Studios

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the Architecture studio spaces in the Annex building on the Wentworth campus, have been divided into cubicles. This was quite a change of scenery compared to the wide open space it used to be. The dividers give each student a cubicle of their own to do their work in safely. It has been hard to get used to, for the culture of studio here has always been one of collaborative work, checking in on a neighbor, and being able to be creatively influenced by peers. All of these things have unfortunately been put on hold by the virus. Once a lively, active space is now quite quiet and low key. I look to the future to be able to offer students after me the same great experiences I have been fortunate to have in this space when at its fullest potential with no barriers in sight. the use of all Covid protective measures being used in the CNC space over at the CfAR labs in the Wentworth Annex building on campus. PPE measures are very important to uphold in lab spaces where students have to collaborate with one another in order to successfully carry out their projects in the Architecture Department. These two students are seen wearing face masks, face shields as well as staying 6’ apart in order to maintain safety regulations. It is important to follow these regulations in order to continue our collaborative work flow. It took some time to get used to and has given the students new challenges to face while trying to safely share ideas and drawings with one another as well as working together in the lab spaces. From leaning over desks to draw on the same paper, to sharing tools, most aspects of collaborative work in architecture school have had to be rewritten in order to keep each other and professors safe during these times.

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