Masks Everywhere

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Masks Everywhere

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When the pandemic was starting to cause lockdowns, masks were often talked about. One thing that drastically changed with COVID-19 was that in order to slow the spread of the disease, masks were being mandatory to enter businesses. Carrying around a mask in my car became a habit, one thing I never would have ever expected to happen here. At first, I would sometimes forget to bring my mask somewhere or I would have to go back in to get it if I was going out. Eventually that habit stopped and a new one formed, I was always carrying a mask around, and sometimes I would even forget I had one with me. I always make sure to have a backup in my car in case of an emergency. I do miss being able to walk around freely with people without wearing a mask, again, another thing we all most likely took for granted, as it was swiftly taken away from us. I do not think in the future we will go back to exactly how things were, but rather, there will now always be people wearing masks to keep hygienic and healthy.

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