Galvin Bisserup, Photographer, and the Father's Day Men's Chorus Project


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Galvin Bisserup, Photographer, and the Father's Day Men's Chorus Project
Galvin Bisserup, Oral History, 2020/10/15

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"Galvin P. Bisserup, Jr. is the owner and principal portrait photographer of Glickman Studio Photographers which has been in Freeport, NY for 98 years. Over the years he has captured the many eventful moments of individual lives, from infancy through seasoned adulthood. For over three decades this professional photographer has been behind the camera capturing the smiles from the heart and soul.
In this interview, Galvin recounts his career and how his work as a community photographer has been impacted by COVID. He also describes a project from this past spring which resulted in the creation of a music CD in celebration of Father’s Day with his men’s chorus.
This interview was recorded by Juilee Decker and Joysetta Pearse with Galvin Bisserup on October 15, 2020 at 6 pm ET and lasted approximately 40 minutes. It was conducted over Zoom. A transcript is attached, along with multiple images associated with the interview, provided by Bisserup. It is part of the LongIslandCommunity series, an initiative of COVID-19 archive (Juilee Decker) and the African American Museum of Nassau County (Joysetta Pearse)."

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oral history

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Juiliee Decker

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Galvin Bisserup

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Long Island, New York

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Interview by Juilee Decker and Joysetta Pearse with Galvin Bisserup Recorded October 15, 2020
6 pm ET, lasting 40 minutes
Conducted over Zoom
Multiple images associated with the interview, provided by Bisserup.

00:20:12.690 --> 00:20:17.880
Joysetta Pearse: Believe Dr. Decker. This is Galvin Bisserup

00:20:18.540 --> 00:20:19.470
Juilee Decker: Oh, goodness.

00:20:19.500 --> 00:20:21.510
Juilee Decker: I needed us going on that one. Gavin.

00:20:21.540 --> 00:20:23.130
Juilee Decker: Spell it spell your name for me.

00:20:25.440 --> 00:20:27.900
1516****841: Think of biscuits and syrup. Be like in boy.

00:20:29.340 --> 00:20:31.950
Joysetta Pearse: I asked you, I just first name Galvin first

00:20:31.980 --> 00:20:34.260
Juilee Decker: Let's say you're up first name is Galvin.

00:20:34.260 --> 00:20:38.070
1516****841: GA LV, got it, got it. Perfect. Oh my goodness.

00:20:38.130 --> 00:20:42.870
Juilee Decker: Okay, so, so tell me who Galvin is and then off to all learn from Galvin

00:20:43.110 --> 00:20:45.000
Joysetta Pearse: He's real profession as

00:20:45.360 --> 00:20:54.210
Joysetta Pearse: You know he's trained to be a photographer. That's

what he really REALLY DOES HE HAD A frequent there, but he developed this beautiful technique where he

00:20:55.260 --> 00:21:01.020
Joysetta Pearse: He talked to you about that, but it's a beautiful thing. But he does with photographs and it's actually

00:21:02.070 --> 00:21:15.570
Joysetta Pearse: Photography as art. That's the way we perceive it, you know, and fabulous. But he's also got so many talents that he was telling me about this program. He made to work for Father's Day during the campaign.

00:21:15.750 --> 00:21:17.670
Juilee Decker: Pandemic, that's why. Oh my goodness, I

00:21:17.670 --> 00:21:22.830
Joysetta Pearse: Didn't hear from him, because to plan a Father's Day celebration. You tell you all about that.

00:21:23.040 --> 00:21:27.210
Juilee Decker: Oh, that's fantastic. So let me ask you to. I said, How do you two know each other like what's the

00:21:27.330 --> 00:21:37.800
Joysetta Pearse: Well, he was in my village Freeport photographer in in the village there okay and and that he took some fabulous pictures of my daughter's oh my

00:21:38.070 --> 00:21:50.370
Joysetta Pearse: Goodness. Every they're up on my wall in my, in my office now. And before you before we close out. I'm going to show you what a beautiful job he did. They were just at their high school reunion or something Galvin, that was a reunion. Right.

00:21:51.390 --> 00:21:52.590
1516****841: 2007

00:21:54.060 --> 00:21:54.360
1516****841: It would

00:21:54.510 --> 00:21:57.960
Joysetta Pearse: Listen, these old ladies were doing. They have what 20th anniversary. Oh.

00:21:58.650 --> 00:21:58.950
Joysetta Pearse: No.

00:21:59.460 --> 00:22:00.930
Juilee Decker: What is that what we're already it. Oh.

00:22:01.650 --> 00:22:02.490
Joysetta Pearse: Yeah yeah

00:22:02.580 --> 00:22:03.420
Juilee Decker: Oh my god.

00:22:04.050 --> 00:22:05.940
Joysetta Pearse: Thousand six it was 30 years

00:22:07.380 --> 00:22:18.630
Juilee Decker: Oh, this is great. Well Galvin Joyce's right so I have a list of questions that I'll ask you, so all there's a six questions. There's really five questions. And then the last one is kind of a catch all. So what I'll do.

00:22:19.530 --> 00:22:32.400
Juilee Decker: Is I'll go ahead and start and I'll ask you the questions and then we'll just kind of proceed through and you can tell me kind of what you've been doing during COVID and tell me about you and and from what joy set of saying about your art and all of that.
Does that sound good.

00:22:33.570 --> 00:22:35.010
1516****841: All right. Okay, perfect.

00:22:35.040 --> 00:22:47.340
Juilee Decker: All right, thank you. So I've got your name and is there any other, we could tell me where you live, you can. You don't have to be specific. But in general, and you can tell me any other biographical information that you'd like to share

00:22:48.540 --> 00:22:51.750
1516****841: When you say biographical. You mean like how old am I

00:22:53.070 --> 00:22:54.510
Juilee Decker: People say it's so funny.

00:22:54.600 --> 00:23:03.600
Juilee Decker: People can take that as like in my case, I'm the youngest of nine children. So I usually bring that up and I usually bring up that I'm from the South, because I live in Rochester now so I'm a

00:23:04.080 --> 00:23:18.690
Juilee Decker: Rochester Institute of Technology. So that's my biographical bits. Some people say, you know, they've lived in LA. Long Island on Long Island forever. Some people don't say anything. They say, oh, I work at this place. It's wherever you want to say it's entirely up to you.

00:23:20.670 --> 00:23:36.570
1516****841: Well, I live in Nassau County. I was born in the Bronx and raised in the Bronx Manhattan Brooklyn, Queens Nassau and Suffolk County, so I know I've grown up in many of the neighborhoods that I visited when I go back to go to work.

00:23:39.690 --> 00:23:44.940
Juilee Decker: And before COVID, what would you say your average day was like for you.

00:23:46.440 --> 00:23:48.030
1516****841: Know average day for me.

00:23:49.590 --> 00:23:49.950
Juilee Decker: When

00:23:50.130 --> 00:24:02.520
1516****841: When and I emphasize that because when you are self employed and you do many different things to get through your day in in managing your affairs.

00:24:02.880 --> 00:24:14.400
1516****841: No day is identical. And even if you have a plan. You have to adjust for what served to you so you can get three a day because there are so many different aspects of

00:24:15.120 --> 00:24:37.080
1516****841: What is done. It's not a nine to five job. For instance, when schools will open since my specialty is providing programs and services for schools preschool elementary junior and senior high we sometimes plan 369 months in advance of what we're going to do on a particular date.

00:24:38.850 --> 00:24:53.880
1516****841: So this is a lot of this. A lot of in between time but you know you planning to take photographs of 500 to 1000 people and that requires a little bit of planning and all that goes with it in school environments.

00:24:55.230 --> 00:24:58.950
1516****841: Yeah, so if things were shut down. I would be in a school

00:25:00.240 --> 00:25:02.670
1516****841: Organizing arranging and helping to

00:25:03.690 --> 00:25:10.830
1516****841: Photograph whatever young individual comes before the camera. Gotcha. Okay.

00:25:11.190 --> 00:25:17.190
Juilee Decker: And then, what is your life like or what was is an average day like now for you. Would you say

00:25:18.300 --> 00:25:20.460
1516****841: Wow, I'm still

00:25:22.410 --> 00:25:27.960
1516****841: There's no average yeah and i and i have to say there's no average because when

00:25:29.760 --> 00:25:30.660

1516****841: When

00:25:31.770 --> 00:25:44.370
1516****841: We creative spirits move you in a particular direction. If there's nothing preventing you from, you know, getting up at two o'clock in the morning and waiting and working until six eight in the morning.

00:25:44.970 --> 00:25:53.010
1516****841: On something new. Just pass through you, then, then I do that because I don't have any set time with schedule, unless it's by appointment.

00:25:54.240 --> 00:26:03.030
1516****841: So, for argument's sake I made a photograph with an event or an activity and it might be one to 10 years ago, but I have

00:26:03.510 --> 00:26:24.030
1516****841: This raw image that I want to utilize and do something artistic and in rendering it a different way. So it has a different flavor to it. You have to view it in order to appreciate some of the different things that have done actually comes from dark room techniques that

00:26:25.470 --> 00:26:40.650
1516****841: Lab Technicians used to use in the 50s, 60s, 70s. It's similar to that only using the computer as a dark room as opposed to a room with chemistry in it.

00:26:41.280 --> 00:26:41.640
1516****841: Yeah.

00:26:41.700 --> 00:26:42.720
Juilee Decker: Yeah, that makes sense.

00:26:42.720 --> 00:26:43.500
1516****841: That makes complete

00:26:45.990 --> 00:27:01.770
Juilee Decker: So question three is what is your code story. Like, what have you been doing to occupy time or since you might have

different things that you're doing now because of code. So how have you been spending your time during COVID maybe differently than you normally would.

00:27:02.730 --> 00:27:11.280
1516****841: Well, what has been a once in a lifetime project is producing musical CD.

00:27:12.450 --> 00:27:23.070
1516****841: With live with live recordings of the men's chorus that I had an opportunity to sing with also but I say once in a lifetime because

00:27:24.570 --> 00:27:36.840
1516****841: I recorded the various 15 different selections I recorded the various selections myself and they will lie, and I did it with my own little piece of equipment.

00:27:37.440 --> 00:27:54.690
1516****841: And and then I packaged it we I did the layout artwork and design on the front and the back the liner notes and with the photographs and the whole package, the whole thing and this is the first project that I've done everything on

00:27:55.410 --> 00:27:57.150
Juilee Decker: Wow, was a part of

00:27:57.570 --> 00:28:14.880
1516****841: And I was part of the music also so so with the research that I had to do to find the songs because they have been recorded over the last few years. I also uncovered other elements and projects that I participated on like

00:28:15.960 --> 00:28:27.300
1516****841: A second project is putting together CD of duets where I sang with another person. Mm hmm. So that's something else that I'm working on. Wow.

00:28:27.540 --> 00:28:36.810
Juilee Decker: This. So, this musical CD, the one with the selections with the chorus. Does it have a Like was it completed. Did you release it, or is it out there. Yeah.

00:28:37.170 --> 00:28:38.430
1516****841: It. No, no, it's

00:28:39.750 --> 00:28:43.410
1516****841: I don't know, but it's almost like an underground bootleg CD.

00:28:47.730 --> 00:28:52.440
1516****841: And I use. I use that term because unless

00:28:53.670 --> 00:29:07.620
1516****841: Unless I know you or know of you and would invite you to have one or two CDs and and possibly give me a donation because it's not for sale. Yeah. Wow.

00:29:07.680 --> 00:29:12.360
1516****841: It's specifically not for sale, but I accept donations, so that I can continue

00:29:13.380 --> 00:29:14.910
1516****841: Putting them together to

00:29:15.930 --> 00:29:32.220
1516****841: Have people in July and what it, what it has done that surpassed my expectations. Is it initially was a project put together for the men and men's chorus to give as a gift because we we generally have a Father's Day.

00:29:33.300 --> 00:29:42.390
1516****841: Program and singing and nosh and, you know, we, but we had to forgo that. So, in place of

00:29:43.590 --> 00:29:53.220
1516****841: The project came up to as a thank you. And a reminder, since we cannot be together is putting together this compilation of different live

00:29:54.480 --> 00:29:59.760
1516****841: Songs that we've done. So it's a nice package because

it's not just you know in a envelope.

00:30:00.600 --> 00:30:15.510
1516****841: Yeah, this thought works is front back inside. So it came out nice and what has really been pleasing is those individuals that have been gifted with a copy. How it has

00:30:16.470 --> 00:30:36.480
1516****841: uplifted them and given them hope in the time period when the unable to attend church services and in being a company of a lot of people. So that was. That's a good feeling to know that you know it was done with a with a good spirit and people are starting to enjoy it.

00:30:37.200 --> 00:30:39.150
Juilee Decker: Oh yeah, definitely. Oh, that's so

00:30:39.180 --> 00:30:43.740
Juilee Decker: That's a such a neat story. And what did. What did you call it. What is the name of it.

00:30:43.950 --> 00:30:44.520
Juilee Decker: Like how did you

00:30:44.610 --> 00:30:45.900
Juilee Decker: How did you come up with the title of

00:30:45.900 --> 00:30:52.050
1516****841: It. The title is it. Oh, it's real simple. The title is Father's Day.

00:30:53.220 --> 00:31:00.690
1516****841: Men's chorus live recording Volume one, oh so Volume one, so there could be a volume two

00:31:00.930 --> 00:31:08.430
1516****841: Yeah, I made it. I made an error in judgment. Somebody suggested that I work on a second one and

00:31:11.010 --> 00:31:14.790

1516****841: This is a once in a lifetime when Volume two comes out, it comes out.

00:31:15.360 --> 00:31:16.140
Juilee Decker: That's awesome.

00:31:16.530 --> 00:31:17.160
Juilee Decker: That's awesome.

00:31:17.190 --> 00:31:24.270
1516****841: But see, but see, this is you know 99% of the world has no clue as to what volume one is like

00:31:24.810 --> 00:31:25.860
Juilee Decker: Yeah yeah

00:31:26.520 --> 00:31:28.950
Juilee Decker: Yeah, that's true, but this is this is

00:31:28.980 --> 00:31:30.120
1516****841: This is something that

00:31:31.470 --> 00:31:37.560
1516****841: Will be around a long time after we're gone. But it's, it also, as I mentioned, is something that

00:31:38.610 --> 00:31:45.570
1516****841: Has people feeling good after they listen because there's something for everyone. One day yeah yeah I'm

00:31:46.530 --> 00:31:47.790
Juilee Decker: Question for is

00:31:49.140 --> 00:32:03.600
Juilee Decker: How has the pandemic affected the groups that you're a part of. So I think you touched on that a bit with your men's chorus. But in general, like, are there other groups that you're a part of that. It's affected, and if so, how has it affected that that group.


00:32:04.320 --> 00:32:06.930
1516****841: Well, the one of the major groups that

00:32:08.130 --> 00:32:11.790
1516****841: I'm involved in is the Long Island black artists Association.

00:32:12.840 --> 00:32:28.170
1516****841: And. NET. It's made up of, you know, couple of few dozen different artists from Brooklyn, Queens Nassau and Suffolk County. So we've been disrupted because we no longer able to meet and show one another work and

00:32:29.940 --> 00:32:34.440
1516****841: Those elements where we've had opportunities to

00:32:35.760 --> 00:32:42.540
1516****841: Exhibit our work collectively and as solos in various libraries and schools.

00:32:43.650 --> 00:33:01.770
1516****841: Throughout the metropolitan area. So that's been suspended. Yeah. Yeah. And it really is an element where we've had opportunities for sales at the exhibits and things have just been shut down. So everything is dry. Yeah.

00:33:01.800 --> 00:33:02.970
Joysetta Pearse: I'll interrupt for a second.

00:33:03.510 --> 00:33:03.780

00:33:04.920 --> 00:33:10.320
Joysetta Pearse: In his humble attitude he didn't mention that. He's a former president of that organization.

00:33:10.500 --> 00:33:11.700
Juilee Decker: Oh my goodness.

00:33:11.790 --> 00:33:27.240

Juilee Decker: Oh my goodness. Yeah. So tell me, tell me a little, a little dab more when you said goodbye had a little mark next to that on my notes. I wanted to ask you. So when you say well I'm black artists group or association is it painters your photography is it photographers, is it

00:33:27.270 --> 00:33:46.290
1516****841: No, no, I'm one of one of the few I'm probably only one that's actually a professional photographer. Oh, we have put, for instance, is a variety. But everyone has a contribution as far as the art and and producing art, we have

00:33:48.570 --> 00:33:50.340
1516****841: retired professor

00:33:51.690 --> 00:34:00.990
1516****841: From college in Manhattan. This retired. He he he was an odd instructor in high school and also in college and he's retired.

00:34:02.490 --> 00:34:10.410
1516****841: The current president is a retired educator, we have we have different people that have been art directors.

00:34:11.010 --> 00:34:20.190
1516****841: And have retired and then we have the younger people that are moving around loose with their work that are just learning the art of exhibiting

00:34:20.820 --> 00:34:31.530
1516****841: And preparing their work for galleries and museums, so it's you know it's a round robin group and we normally have gotten together so that we can compare notes.

00:34:31.800 --> 00:34:35.760
1516****841: Yeah, and and work on exhibits. Wow. Yeah.

00:34:35.940 --> 00:34:39.240
Juilee Decker: That's an important part that exhibit part is so important.

00:34:39.240 --> 00:34:42.210

Juilee Decker: Very showing your work and then for Kovac. Oh my gosh.

00:34:42.390 --> 00:34:50.490
Juilee Decker: So I'm at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York, and I'm working on. I teach museum studies and history.

00:34:50.970 --> 00:35:04.500
Juilee Decker: And I bring it up because all of our gallery spaces were converted to classrooms for social distancing so like the drawing classes now in a gallery because they they're not showing any art and it's

00:35:05.250 --> 00:35:13.710
Juilee Decker: It's, it's really sad because not only are we missing out on bringing in artists, but it's also just not as fulfilling for the students because

00:35:14.100 --> 00:35:21.990
Juilee Decker: They don't have any thing to look at for inspiration. You know, they don't the gallery doesn't have artwork and it's where they go. Now for drawing class.

00:35:22.260 --> 00:35:34.530
Juilee Decker: And it's which is lovely. Right. But it's only because they have to stay away from one another and do the social distancing. So once we're allowed to have gallery exhibits again, which will be not in the spring, it'll probably be summer.

00:35:35.280 --> 00:35:45.090
Juilee Decker: We're really looking forward to that to bringing in work from artists, because we really missed that. It just, it's, it's a loss for us. So I hear what you're saying.

00:35:45.120 --> 00:35:45.930
Juilee Decker: And you're in

00:35:45.960 --> 00:35:47.970
Juilee Decker: Your maker Euro. Euro master.

00:35:48.600 --> 00:35:56.550

Juilee Decker: But from the point of view of people who enjoy it and receive it. Yeah, we understand that it's a loss for us to

00:35:59.250 --> 00:36:01.020
Juilee Decker: So other groups that you're a part of

00:36:02.280 --> 00:36:03.120
Juilee Decker: Any other groups.

00:36:04.320 --> 00:36:13.140
1516****841: That that's the main one because it takes a lot of time to sing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And when I say a lot of time that's that's three days a week.

00:36:14.490 --> 00:36:17.220
1516****841: As far as singing is concerned and

00:36:18.420 --> 00:36:28.590
1516****841: Your life is around that activity that's the main thing. Yeah, it's done. But since the pandemic, since there's no schools.
There's no school work.

00:36:32.190 --> 00:36:40.710
Juilee Decker: Okay, number five. What word would you use to describe your feeling at the beginning of the pandemic and then now.

00:36:44.880 --> 00:36:45.600
1516****841: A word

00:36:47.220 --> 00:36:48.120
1516****841: A single word.

00:36:48.390 --> 00:36:53.550
Juilee Decker: A single word. I mean, we can talk about it afterwards. But like a single word for that and a single word from that for now.

00:36:58.530 --> 00:36:59.940
1516****841: Actually, I would 143

00:37:01.860 --> 00:37:04.740
1516****841: In thinking about it. I would use the same word.

00:37:05.280 --> 00:37:10.200
1516****841: Okay. Sad, sad, sad, sad. Yeah.

00:37:11.820 --> 00:37:12.090
1516****841: Yeah.

00:37:13.980 --> 00:37:15.930
1516****841: Since you reduced it to a single word.

00:37:18.630 --> 00:37:23.130
Juilee Decker: We came up with to help with the question, so I'm going to put some blame on her to it wasn't just me.

00:37:27.660 --> 00:37:35.790
1516****841: Know, but with with it with that question, the two of you have a word for it before at the beginning and now

00:37:36.240 --> 00:37:36.720
1516****841: Mine was

00:37:36.780 --> 00:37:42.210
Juilee Decker: Mine was fear I was completely terrified. In the very beginning. And just because I didn't

00:37:42.510 --> 00:37:57.450
Juilee Decker: I had never lived through a pandemic and I tend to be a planner and I tend to like structure. I mean, I'm a teacher. So I like structure and organization and the idea of going into something and not knowing what it is freaked me out. Now I'm

00:37:58.680 --> 00:38:09.930
Juilee Decker: I'm my heart is just really, you know, heavy just because I work with students and you know at this moment on a Thursday night at whatever time it is six o'clock or whatever.

00:38:10.560 --> 00:38:17.640
Juilee Decker: I don't know where all of my students are normally you

know they're all on campus. We have very, very little.

00:38:18.000 --> 00:38:28.860
Juilee Decker: Remote learning. It's all on campus at any given day, I know where my students are like, you know, like they're in saying in Rochester in a dorm. I don't know exactly where they are like GPS coordinates.

00:38:29.250 --> 00:38:42.330
Juilee Decker: But now, because they're in between quarantine. One of them had to go home for a sick parent. One of them didn't come back to camp it like it's my heart is just really heavy because I don't feel like our community is a strong

00:38:43.410 --> 00:38:55.170
Juilee Decker: So that's the difference for me. I mean, I was terrified to be so I feel less terrified. But now it's just because we're in it. And I just have this like, Oh my goodness. Do I said what about you. What is your word for them and now

00:38:56.670 --> 00:39:00.750
Joysetta Pearse: What when I first heard it. Yeah, I was. I was afraid, only because

00:39:01.980 --> 00:39:07.290
Joysetta Pearse: I didn't live through the flu epidemic, but I know so much about it. I know so much about

00:39:09.060 --> 00:39:11.310
Joysetta Pearse: What was the woman who had that

00:39:12.450 --> 00:39:16.530
Joysetta Pearse: contagious disease. I did a big thing about Mary's whatever her name was

00:39:17.790 --> 00:39:20.250
Joysetta Pearse: When I was in school, it was

00:39:20.400 --> 00:39:21.900
Juilee Decker: Typhoid Mary Typhoid Mary

00:39:22.230 --> 00:39:23.850
Joysetta Pearse: Mary Yeah, yeah.

00:39:24.870 --> 00:39:26.850
Joysetta Pearse: And I feel so sorry for her.

00:39:27.510 --> 00:39:34.110
Joysetta Pearse: I mean she really so much responsible some, some people. I looked at it from two different angles and I saw that there was a different

00:39:34.710 --> 00:39:40.200
Joysetta Pearse: Feeling about her like some people thought she was dreadful. She was disgusting. She was a pig and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

00:39:40.860 --> 00:39:51.840
Joysetta Pearse: But then till I understand you're sick, you're not thinking straight. So maybe you did not tell anybody. You know who I mean sometimes you're sick and you're sick and side.

00:39:52.410 --> 00:40:05.580
Joysetta Pearse: There are some people, I would not discuss my my health condition with because I don't want them to feel bad. Yeah, no, I get a but but that was my first thing I was kind of like in that situation, but now

00:40:07.020 --> 00:40:20.400
Joysetta Pearse: I'm confident that if I continue to do the right thing. I will be all right now if I slip up and I make a mistake, I might endanger myself. So I think I have a little more control.

00:40:20.880 --> 00:40:28.890
Joysetta Pearse: Than when I thought that in the beginning. I just said, oh, my third world I'm just dropped in all these old up 81 years old here so

00:40:29.610 --> 00:40:31.140
Joysetta Pearse: It's not a very good picture. 172

00:40:32.730 --> 00:40:36.240
Juilee Decker: But your joy Seta so that anyone here says it's better. It's like

00:40:38.040 --> 00:40:38.400
Juilee Decker: No.

00:40:38.970 --> 00:40:40.650
Joysetta Pearse: Actually, I feel a little bit more

00:40:40.710 --> 00:40:57.330
Joysetta Pearse: Much more in control and I have had. And I've been blessed in that I never lost my position. I work from home, you know, that sort of thing. And I got a lot done that I would not have had, you know, organizing things and whatnot. My house is still up in the air, but

00:40:59.490 --> 00:41:09.090
Joysetta Pearse: I do feel like I do have a life. Now, before it was like maybe I should start getting my paperwork together here and letting everybody know where my policies are and whatever.

00:41:09.630 --> 00:41:22.200
Joysetta Pearse: But I don't have any of that at all. And I'm looking forward to the day that it all ends. You know, if we could just get people to be more considerate of others not so much to care about this virus, but just be considerate of

00:41:22.350 --> 00:41:22.920
1516****841: Others.

00:41:23.460 --> 00:41:24.900
Joysetta Pearse: That would encourage them to do.

00:41:24.900 --> 00:41:31.770
Joysetta Pearse: The right thing and maybe we could get past this. It seems to have worked with it is working, you know, we

00:41:32.250 --> 00:41:48.360
Joysetta Pearse: Were we're mandates on mass are in and and and social distancing is observed and all the numbers go down, would you get

these crazy people who want to flaunt it I don't know it. To me, it's just, it's just

00:41:50.670 --> 00:42:06.420
Joysetta Pearse: It's more like a form of personality disorder to think that I'm going to endanger myself because I need a drink, buy a bottle of rum and sit home and your rocking chair and drink yourself to oblivion, you know,

00:42:07.380 --> 00:42:07.740
Juilee Decker: I know

00:42:08.130 --> 00:42:08.460
Juilee Decker: I know

00:42:08.880 --> 00:42:16.590
Joysetta Pearse: I got have somebody next to me, you know, so I can brag about this or that or the other foolishness. You know that part. I don't understand.

00:42:17.670 --> 00:42:33.660
Joysetta Pearse: Because I am a control freak. I'm simply, you know, out of my mind with with that. So I know that so I try to, you know, I try to keep away from it, but I'm a little crazy and I'm the first one to say, you know, listen, I'm a little bit crazy. But, you know, yeah, um,

00:42:34.890 --> 00:42:42.960
Joysetta Pearse: But it helps me to know that I can do something to help myself and and my family or my loved ones.

00:42:44.640 --> 00:42:57.870
Joysetta Pearse: But because bothers me about it is, you know, some people say, oh, you get it, you'll get over it, but they don't know what the after effects are Julius his brother caught it. He's in the hospital for months.

00:42:58.920 --> 00:43:02.250
Joysetta Pearse: Finally, was like something he was never on a ventilator. He got as far as the


00:43:03.300 --> 00:43:14.250
Joysetta Pearse: oxygen tank. Yeah, they let him on. He's been on three months, and all of a sudden he's having nightmares. He woke up fighting his wife at a note just fist fighting, she was trying to hold him down. Try to wake them up.

00:43:14.910 --> 00:43:22.050
Joysetta Pearse: And even with his eyes open. She said he was still acting like he was hitting someone and when later when I got to talk about it, he said.

00:43:22.470 --> 00:43:33.600
Joysetta Pearse: That what was going on in his head was that somebody had captured his daughter and was pulling her into a car and he was fighting with this person to let his daughter go. That's what he was seeing. Wow. And

00:43:34.200 --> 00:43:48.750
Joysetta Pearse: And I did some reading on it only four people so far have been found to have a mental disorder, after having had cove. It was not enough for them to make a judgment about that.

00:43:49.320 --> 00:43:59.790
Joysetta Pearse: But, and they said, people who have a morbid personality all four of the people had a morbid personality juices brother has a morbid personality.

00:44:00.360 --> 00:44:09.600
Joysetta Pearse: Wow, he's the first one to call up. If anybody dies that he ever knew. You'll call Giuliana phone, Julie. Remember to Delhi on the corner of Smith and green. Yeah, you know, the owner died.

00:44:10.830 --> 00:44:11.340
Joysetta Pearse: Really

00:44:14.460 --> 00:44:14.790
Juilee Decker: Yeah.

00:44:14.940 --> 00:44:15.270
Juilee Decker: Yeah.

00:44:15.390 --> 00:44:24.390
Joysetta Pearse: But yeah, I got it must be the first sue somebody dies. So let's get on the phone with me scroll to lift phone bill at the Bumble, he spends his day and advising everybody could they go about this dance.

00:44:24.900 --> 00:44:33.030
Joysetta Pearse: You know, and, and he got this brain problem, the same as these other four people had so he's number five. I told him, I said, I told his wife.

00:44:34.050 --> 00:44:37.500
Joysetta Pearse: That he should let someone who he should find out who's doing a study

00:44:37.800 --> 00:44:47.340
Joysetta Pearse: And let them know that he is one of the people because he's going to need some help, that they may be able to help them with. Eventually, you know, what if he stays quiet. Nobody's gonna know he has it that's

00:44:48.060 --> 00:44:56.130
Joysetta Pearse: That's how you know what anyway, like two words are, you know, maybe fear at the front and out of control, as we said one word. Okay.

00:44:56.460 --> 00:44:57.330
Joysetta Pearse: Yeah, for fear.

00:44:57.810 --> 00:44:59.850
Joysetta Pearse: And and then I'll say

00:45:02.610 --> 00:45:04.170
Joysetta Pearse: Positive. Yeah.

00:45:04.320 --> 00:45:07.950
Juilee Decker: Yeah, no. Yeah, that makes sense. That makes sense.

00:45:09.780 --> 00:45:18.420
Juilee Decker: Anything else to add about your word. So Galvin, I

won't hold you just one word now because you gave you my answer you gave me your words. But now you can say sentences.

00:45:20.910 --> 00:45:24.030
1516****841: Oh, you mean up it in the same. Yeah.

00:45:24.060 --> 00:45:29.430
Juilee Decker: Yeah. Do you have anything else you want to you. You're welcome to leave it at that. But is there any other part or anything you want to

00:45:30.300 --> 00:45:34.530
1516****841: Fit the sadness. Well, because you, you, you, you.

00:45:35.760 --> 00:45:44.610
1516****841: You told me to pick a word. But yeah, to extend that my sadness is also the recognition of the

00:45:46.470 --> 00:45:55.140
1516****841: Influence of the media. Mm hmm. And and what that's doing to people that are not quite stable or

00:45:56.910 --> 00:45:57.390
1516****841: You know,

00:45:58.440 --> 00:46:09.750
1516****841: Influencing in moves them in certain directions and that that's based on just exposure yeah and and when I say exposure, the media's job.

00:46:10.200 --> 00:46:22.410
1516****841: Is to try and narrow things down. So do you have two opposing points of view and you hammer that in to mass media audience so that you can strike feel

00:46:24.480 --> 00:46:43.080
1516****841: And that fee is being reinforced and people have shown the fear and anger, more and more and the media is right there with the camera and right the having the viewership of X amount of millions at a time being reinforced why you should be fearful.

00:46:44.580 --> 00:46:59.160
1516****841: Because as long as you continue viewing this media, we're going to continue fan in your fee so that you function in a certain capacity. And as I said, for those that are on the edge and teetering

00:47:00.180 --> 00:47:06.660
1516****841: That reinforces them snapping at different times and not being in control. Yeah, yeah.

00:47:07.950 --> 00:47:10.770
1516****841: So that's the last part of my sadness. Yeah, yeah.

00:47:12.780 --> 00:47:33.300
Juilee Decker: The last question is, is there anything else that you would like to share about your COVID 19 story. So any other thing that you would like to share or touch on or or some things you've been thinking about and that's it's kind of like an open ended. Just open ended topic.

00:47:34.890 --> 00:47:35.370
1516****841: Mm hmm.

00:47:36.780 --> 00:47:37.260
1516****841: The

00:47:38.460 --> 00:47:40.740
1516****841: Positive things that have come about.

00:47:41.970 --> 00:47:51.870
1516****841: From those people that were acquaintances that I got to know a little bit more about that has demonstrated their humanity.

00:47:53.310 --> 00:47:56.730
1516****841: And I think I appreciate just recognizing that

00:47:57.840 --> 00:48:01.710
1516****841: There are still some real nice people moving around, loosen our universe.


00:48:06.330 --> 00:48:12.150
1516****841: I understand that. Otherwise, I wouldn't be on the phone now speaking to you because I wouldn't have been caught up.

00:48:13.200 --> 00:48:13.830
1516****841: Oh,

00:48:16.320 --> 00:48:17.280
Juilee Decker: So let me think.

00:48:20.220 --> 00:48:21.870
1516****841: When you say demonstrated humanity it

00:48:21.870 --> 00:48:31.800
Juilee Decker: Just made me think of one of the other individuals that I interviewed was talking about how you just kind of see people

00:48:32.520 --> 00:48:44.730
Juilee Decker: People start to kind of, you get to know your neighbors, a little bit and how you get to because of Kobe they felt a little bit more connected and to other people. And I think that that's kind of

00:48:45.420 --> 00:48:47.430
1516****841: A silver lining. I think he might say,

00:48:48.450 --> 00:48:57.990
1516****841: Yes, because you begin to you begin to recognize the good things that are important to you have nothing to do with finances or

00:48:59.160 --> 00:48:59.580
1516****841: You know,

00:49:00.690 --> 00:49:07.620
1516****841: It's just relationships and in the joy and in being able to appreciate others.

00:49:09.630 --> 00:49:11.820
1516****841: Agree with all that we're going through

00:49:14.340 --> 00:49:15.480
1516****841: There's been many, many

00:49:17.160 --> 00:49:36.600
1516****841: There's been too many personal deaths in the last six months that it just wrecks you that words don't really do much to describe being torn to shreds. And it's over and over again. We, it is it is almost come to one week.

00:49:38.520 --> 00:49:47.820
1516****841: In somebody that I personally know grew up with went to church with extended family member and and that's the, that's the horror

00:49:49.800 --> 00:50:06.630
1516****841: Is that you know when when it does touch you. It's not to be described. It's something you have to get through go through and and move on and that that that helps would appreciate and those that are still around, even more. Yeah.

00:50:07.980 --> 00:50:08.970
1516****841: Yeah. Wow.

00:50:09.000 --> 00:50:14.160
Juilee Decker: I'm so sorry to hear about that Galvin, that's really hard. It's, it's hard to

00:50:15.270 --> 00:50:20.010
Juilee Decker: Hear when people are losing people that they love and care about

00:50:20.280 --> 00:50:23.220
1516****841: Yeah, thank you for that. Thank you.

00:50:25.560 --> 00:50:26.490
Juilee Decker: Anything else you want

00:50:26.520 --> 00:50:26.940
To add

00:50:32.730 --> 00:50:35.550
1516****841: Will be able to

00:50:37.080 --> 00:50:39.120
1516****841: Forward me an email. So I can

00:50:40.230 --> 00:50:43.950
1516****841: send you a copy of the picture of the front of the CD. Oh.

00:50:44.580 --> 00:50:47.040
Juilee Decker: Yes, definitely. So yeah, so that would

00:50:47.100 --> 00:50:56.190
Juilee Decker: That would be great because that would we could put that as an image that would be perfect. So what I, what I do is, I'm still working through the interviews that we've already done so, the

00:50:56.190 --> 00:50:57.000
1516****841: Steps are

00:50:57.270 --> 00:50:58.410
Juilee Decker: What I do is I

00:50:58.590 --> 00:51:05.610
Juilee Decker: Create a transcript of our conversation. And then I make a little

00:51:06.840 --> 00:51:09.330
Juilee Decker: Entry on our archive. It's called

00:51:10.380 --> 00:51:19.230
Juilee Decker: The Journal of the Plague Year. It's called a COVID 19 archive and it's a global project. So we have spots that are reserved for

00:51:20.190 --> 00:51:31.470
Juilee Decker: Long Island community and yours will be one of the entries on there. So, what, what I do is I create a transcript of our

conversation. And then I use an image or two, you know, three or four

00:51:31.830 --> 00:51:39.840
Juilee Decker: However, many want to send and those become like the the images at the top of the the conversation and and it tells

00:51:40.230 --> 00:51:52.710
Juilee Decker: Your story and to give a comparison we interviewed some kiddos. A couple weeks ago from the peace program. And since they're little kids and they were under 13 there was a big nine of them.

00:51:53.430 --> 00:52:01.980
Juilee Decker: I have as an image like the location where they were, which is across the street because I don't want to put little kids images on the internet, you know, but their

00:52:02.400 --> 00:52:03.150
Juilee Decker: Their stories.

00:52:03.300 --> 00:52:05.040
Juilee Decker: And the words that they pick. So you asked.

00:52:05.070 --> 00:52:11.190
Juilee Decker: So let me so that's that's the, that's the point. So, yes. So joy said I can connect us on email and you can send me, however many images you want that would be

00:52:11.190 --> 00:52:11.400
1516****841: Fine.

00:52:12.180 --> 00:52:15.180
Joysetta Pearse: I just want to say gallon, please send a picture of yourself.

00:52:15.390 --> 00:52:17.370
Juilee Decker: Oh, please do. Oh, that would be lovely.

00:52:18.240 --> 00:52:20.190
Joysetta Pearse: Well you gotta treat coming

00:52:25.230 --> 00:52:26.310
Joysetta Pearse: In his time.

00:52:29.040 --> 00:52:29.310
Juilee Decker: So,

00:52:29.820 --> 00:52:30.510
Joysetta Pearse: What I mean

00:52:30.600 --> 00:52:34.500
Juilee Decker: So Joe cetera you're responsible because you have to connect us because you're the only one you know

00:52:34.560 --> 00:52:36.120
Juilee Decker: You know me and you know him, but

00:52:36.510 --> 00:52:37.590
Juilee Decker: I don't know each other.

00:52:38.610 --> 00:52:45.390
Juilee Decker: And so don't go back Alvin, just to the thing about the word. So the interesting thing about picking that word.

00:52:46.140 --> 00:53:01.470
Juilee Decker: Is I've been going through and reading the words like I went back through and read the words that people picked and it's interesting to me. We picked that question because it's a question that everyone can answer whether you're 13 years old or 93 years old, you can

00:53:01.920 --> 00:53:02.880
Juilee Decker: Question and

00:53:03.480 --> 00:53:03.750
1516****841: You know,

00:53:03.780 --> 00:53:15.210
Juilee Decker: Because it's it's a way to hone it but I'm trying to get I'm trying to separate my pieces of paper here. The words were,

hold on. Just bear with me for one second. Sorry.

00:53:18.810 --> 00:53:24.660
Juilee Decker: Fear was a word that people had above was a now word that they had

00:53:25.920 --> 00:53:28.950
Juilee Decker: Joy was a now word like now. I've been

00:53:33.750 --> 00:53:41.340
Juilee Decker: Scared happy eating. They wanted to eat like they wanted to eat more, you know, because they were hanging out at home.

00:53:42.570 --> 00:53:58.920
Juilee Decker: School. One was sad because they they weren't at school and they miss school. So it's interesting because it's all facade is the word that you use, and this this youngster was sad because they weren't able to be at school with their friends and

00:54:00.090 --> 00:54:07.050
Juilee Decker: They were with friends, but it wasn't the same friends. So I think it's so interesting because that questions, the one that strikes, I think.

00:54:08.070 --> 00:54:11.550
Juilee Decker: Because it makes you stop and think about the actual word what you

00:54:13.920 --> 00:54:20.610
Juilee Decker: Okay. All right. So do I said it's going to connect this on email so that you can send me a picture of herself.

00:54:21.780 --> 00:54:23.220
Juilee Decker: In your cover of your album.

00:54:24.630 --> 00:54:28.320
Juilee Decker: Anything else we need to talk about or. Thank you so much.

00:54:28.410 --> 00:54:41.010

Joysetta Pearse: Oh my god it was another person coming, but I just had my husband pull him to let him know that we're speaking to somebody and soon. And did he want to come in. But he hasn't been to reach him. He didn't answer the phone.

00:54:42.150 --> 00:54:43.260
Joysetta Pearse: Yeah, okay. Yeah.

00:54:43.470 --> 00:54:44.700
Juilee Decker: Yeah that's fine for the week.

00:54:44.700 --> 00:54:50.340
Joysetta Pearse: No, I'm going to turn cheap, I can turn this thing around. This is my first daughter, they did the picture of

00:54:50.880 --> 00:54:58.110
Juilee Decker: Oh my goodness. Oh. Oh, yes. Well that's gorgeous. Yes, a great photo.

00:54:59.280 --> 00:55:02.880
Juilee Decker: Oh my land so she she felt closer to the Irish side.

00:55:05.310 --> 00:55:05.610
Joysetta Pearse: Yeah.

00:55:06.750 --> 00:55:13.440
Juilee Decker: Oh. Oh my goodness. Oh, yes. Oh, Galvin yes you have a great

00:55:13.740 --> 00:55:14.760
Joysetta Pearse: way of getting

00:55:14.850 --> 00:55:21.240
Joysetta Pearse: You can feel expression for because a lot of people say, oh, you know, I think I know those people. They look so familiar to me. Yeah.

00:55:22.020 --> 00:55:31.110
Joysetta Pearse: He has a way of making the picture really speak about you. I don't know. I know. It's all technical, but if he's got a

different kind of little touch there.

00:55:31.320 --> 00:55:33.240
Juilee Decker: Yes, it doesn't look post it actually

00:55:33.240 --> 00:55:34.770
Juilee Decker: Is like the person you're

00:55:34.950 --> 00:55:35.400

00:55:36.960 --> 00:55:39.060
Joysetta Pearse: Yes, the table from them. Yes.

00:55:39.330 --> 00:55:42.300
1516****841: Actually, actually, to be honest.

00:55:45.480 --> 00:55:51.480
1516****841: I, I almost beg the subject to allow me to do my job.

00:55:54.660 --> 00:55:55.650
Juilee Decker: What do you mean I have

00:55:55.920 --> 00:56:00.480
1516****841: I have to add no i i truly have to get the permission.

00:56:02.010 --> 00:56:04.800
1516****841: In in in recognizing that

00:56:06.120 --> 00:56:13.620
1516****841: Photography comes out of odd. If you were to study art and study the portrait audience of

00:56:15.090 --> 00:56:25.650
1516****841: Of notation in history, you will recognize that once upon a time, they used to spend 345 days or more with this subject.

00:56:26.520 --> 00:56:39.180

1516****841: And in many cases, for you know 2468 hours at a time. And there's very little conversation going on. You get to know one another. Just because you're in one another's presence.

00:56:40.260 --> 00:56:45.600
1516****841: you both know why you're there. So there's no ambiguity, you're not

00:56:46.740 --> 00:56:57.630
1516****841: You're not a space cadet you know you as the subject you are being captured and the artist is is doing their thing. So with me.

00:56:58.650 --> 00:57:02.340
1516****841: Learning and living that I almost asked you.

00:57:03.420 --> 00:57:09.000
1516****841: Can I have permission to visit with you for just a moment.

00:57:10.560 --> 00:57:11.850
1516****841: And then I'll leave you alone.

00:57:13.980 --> 00:57:28.650
1516****841: And with that, it's only a moment. And it's a relationship between subject in photographer. We're for just a moment, someone may let them for side of the exterior

00:57:29.130 --> 00:57:46.230
1516****841: And allow me to visit one on one, because my heart is searching for your heart. So I can bring out the renderings that you have buried inside of you and when, when that happens. It's like magic. And it's not a discussion anymore.

00:57:48.000 --> 00:57:54.810
1516****841: But I'm asking for your permission to relax and trust me so that I can do my best work.

00:57:56.130 --> 00:57:59.010
1516****841: Wow, wow, that's beautiful. 322

00:57:59.970 --> 00:58:03.480
Juilee Decker: And as you were talking to. I said it was looking over at the pictures of her daughter's

00:58:04.710 --> 00:58:05.340
1516****841: Is right

00:58:05.700 --> 00:58:10.320
1516****841: Right, you could see joy said it wasn't she wasn't there when I had to beg them.

00:58:12.390 --> 00:58:22.380
1516****841: When I know when I use that when I use that term. I like taking pictures I don't come out the way I like and I got I got such resistance.

00:58:22.470 --> 00:58:31.680
1516****841: Yes, that I quieted myself because my life lessons are working with women and working for women.

00:58:32.700 --> 00:58:34.290
1516****841: I have to wait for permission.

00:58:35.820 --> 00:58:48.540
1516****841: So in doing that. I said, Well, you know, even though it's a picture you it's not about you, it's for your family. What do you think about your family and. And so what I did was I knocked down that facade.

00:58:49.710 --> 00:58:53.100
1516****841: And instead, we want you to think about somebody else for a moment because they're saying about you.

00:58:53.490 --> 00:58:55.920
1516****841: Know some picture of you, but it ain't about you.

00:58:56.730 --> 00:59:00.660
1516****841: And with that for a moment. You know, they spoke to one and others are. Go ahead. Do it.


00:59:01.860 --> 00:59:03.900
1516****841: And still with the resistance and all I

00:59:03.900 --> 00:59:05.190
1516****841: Said. All I want is a moment.

00:59:06.300 --> 00:59:12.420
1516****841: That's it. Well, I don't like smiling. I didn't ask you this. I didn't know. I didn't, I didn't do that. I didn't go to

00:59:13.740 --> 00:59:17.700
1516****841: Just and it was it was it was it was

00:59:19.200 --> 00:59:28.650
1516****841: It was work, but it was well worth it because every time that joy said a looks she sees more

00:59:29.010 --> 00:59:31.050
Joysetta Pearse: Yeah, yeah. And looking at those

00:59:31.080 --> 00:59:37.770
1516****841: Images she sees that the time period. She spent when they were in the incubator before

00:59:38.310 --> 00:59:46.260
1516****841: They, they, they became all of who they are now and you start to see within that exterior

00:59:47.520 --> 01:00:05.250
1516****841: Now joy said it can do that better than anyone else because she knows their heart and soul in character. Yeah, so the more she looks. The more she sees the more she can appreciate. Yeah. Yeah. So I did that because I found out who their mother was I didn't do that for them.

01:00:09.570 --> 01:00:11.640
Juilee Decker: It has nothing to do with them. It's a picture of them.

01:00:12.600 --> 01:00:13.080
Juilee Decker: With them.

01:00:13.650 --> 01:00:18.270
1516****841: With the that's that's an extension, but see it once again because of my profession.

01:00:18.510 --> 01:00:39.150
1516****841: Yeah, as a as a school photographer parents want a picture of the child once a year, every to record the growth. Um, it's not it the child. Don't want to picture right the parent wants the picture that doesn't change just because you become 30 5070 years young

01:00:40.890 --> 01:00:46.500
1516****841: That connection is still be, um, yeah, that's my lesson and

01:00:46.620 --> 01:00:49.290
Juilee Decker: I think that's such a beautiful way to end this. My goodness.

01:00:50.580 --> 01:00:53.880
Juilee Decker: Goodness. Thank you so much Galvin, for your time and

01:00:54.630 --> 01:00:56.040
Juilee Decker: connect us and

01:00:56.520 --> 01:01:05.490
Juilee Decker: We'll stay in touch and congratulations on getting your Album Done and, you know, I'll expect to be on the email list for volume two

01:01:08.220 --> 01:01:08.640
1516****841: All right.

01:01:09.330 --> 01:01:10.800
Juilee Decker: All right, my friend. Have a good night.

01:01:11.040 --> 01:01:11.370

01:01:12.750 --> 01:01:15.360
1516****841: Thank you. Okay, to say to take you

01:01:15.540 --> 01:01:17.730
1516****841: So let's see you later. Thanks. Bye.

01:01:17.940 --> 01:01:18.480
Joysetta Pearse: Bye bye.

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