The Pandemic Shown Through Spongebob

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The Pandemic Shown Through Spongebob

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This particular screenshot of an episode shows Squidward looking through his blinds at Spongebob and Patrick as they seem to be enjoying themselves and having fun. So, the reason why I decided this best expressed my experiences during the pandemic is because it shows mine and many others efforts to stay-at-home to lessen the spread of COVID-19. I remember the first time when the pandemic affected me. I was a member of the Ventura College History Association and we were having a meeting around mid-March of 2020. There were rumors that the college was gonna shut down due to the pandemic worsening, even some of my professors warned us about the potential of having to switch to online classes. So, during the meeting, the advisor of the association received an email stating that the college was indeed gonna close the campus and switch to online classes. This was the moment when I first realized how serious the pandemic was getting. So of course from this point on, many people and I have been adhering to the guidelines and restrictions that have been placed to stem the tide of the outbreak. Meanwhile, those who ignore the guidelines go outside and sometimes don’t take the necessary precautionary measures like mask wearing or social distancing risk getting infected with COVID-19 and risk infecting others who may be at a higher risk of the disease. I’ve personally only met with friends about twice during the whole duration of the pandemic when it was a bit safer to finally hang out with them, albeit with social distancing and mask wearing of course. Now with the rise in cases going up exponentially, especially as the United States is entering winter which could potentially increase the spread of the disease, we have been issued a new stay-at-home order here in our region of California. But again, the cycle of those adhering to the guidelines and those who don’t has been repeating again.

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