Christopher: Find the things that gives you peace


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Christopher: Find the things that gives you peace
Christopher, Oral History, 2020/09/24

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Christopher is the administrative aid at the African American Museum of Nassau County. He works with museum director, Joysetta Pearse, to promote understanding and appreciation of African American culture, art and tradition through education, interpretation, exhibitions, collections and programs for the enrichment of the public. Chris discusses his work, as well as how we hopes to come out stronger, on the other side of COVID. He also discusses the loss of his uncle and getting a diagnosis of his own during COVID.

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oral history

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Juilee Decker

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24 minutes

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Interview by Juilee Decker and Joysetta Pearse with the museum’s administrative assistant, Christopher. (Horace Graydon and Joysetta Pearce appear briefly in the beginning of this interview.)
Recorded September 24, 2020 at the African American Museum of Nassau County, Hempstead, NY
7:08 pm ET
Conducted over Zoom, lasting 24 minutes

01:48:30.180 --> 01:48:31.200
Horace Graydon: My favorite person.

01:48:32.340 --> 01:48:34.230
Juilee Decker: She can’t be your favorite and my favorite at the same

01:48:34.230 --> 01:48:35.250
Juilee Decker: Time or can she?

01:48:38.010 --> 01:48:38.940
Joysetta Pearse: Do we have one more.

01:48:39.420 --> 01:48:39.990
Juilee Decker: We do.

01:48:40.170 --> 01:48:41.190
Joysetta Pearse: Okay, okay.

01:48:41.670 --> 01:48:46.500
Joysetta Pearse: Yeah, Chris. This is our administrative aid here at the museum, Christopher

01:48:46.500 --> 01:48:47.610
Juilee Decker: Okay, okay.

01:48:55.320 --> 01:48:57.390
Juilee Decker: Oh, I saw Chris last week when we were on the Zoom

01:48:57.690 --> 01:49:09.810
Juilee Decker: Precisely. OK. So the way this will work is all read the questions and then you can just answer, answer them in the order. But the first question is to to spell your name. So how do you spell, Chris.

01:49:09.870 --> 01:49:11.940
Christopher: Ch RI S

01:49:13.020 --> 01:49:14.460
Christopher: TOPHER

01:49:15.030 --> 01:49:30.480
Juilee Decker: Okay. All right. So it's Christopher do go by Chris Is that okay if I call you, Chris. Okay. All right. Chris So first question is, which is actually question two. Because your, your name was the first one, but before go on. What would you say an average day was like for you.

01:49:32.310 --> 01:49:38.370
Christopher: Busy, productive, energetic, changing

01:49:40.770 --> 01:49:43.770
Christopher: People's Day people's lives, bringing joy to it.

01:49:45.120 --> 01:49:47.550
Christopher: Helping them to map out the live events.

01:49:48.630 --> 01:49:51.780
Christopher: Just want to smile on the face or the end up not assembly finish meeting with me.

01:49:52.890 --> 01:49:53.220

01:49:54.390 --> 01:49:58.500
Juilee Decker: And then what about now like or since COVID. Like, how, how has that changed.

01:49:58.980 --> 01:50:04.440
Christopher: It's changed more. So I guess. Well, for me, it changed. Hold on one minute. Sorry.

01:50:13.710 --> 01:50:14.400
Christopher: They've allowed

01:50:15.120 --> 01:50:19.740
Christopher: For many more. So the interaction with people being

01:50:19.980 --> 01:50:29.880
Christopher: Consistent on one of the things that I do. Here also, as a bit planning. So I got to meet with a lot of clients throughout the day planning on baby showers weddings birthday parties.

01:50:30.390 --> 01:50:38.490
Christopher: graduations on different events and I get the joy out of doing that bringing Derek to life. So meeting with clients on a consistent basis.

01:50:38.760 --> 01:50:47.700
Christopher: And have that smile once we mapped out the contract, they saw the vision, they saw it coming together, they would put a deposit. They were excited about the date that they chosen. So for me,

01:50:48.120 --> 01:50:57.780
Christopher: I'm not having that interaction with the people. Moreso for them, is not being able to go ahead with the functions that they already probably

01:50:58.800 --> 01:51:06.090
Christopher: With the venue and having to cancel because of the cold, eight, nine, be able to have enough people to be invited to it canceling weddings.

01:51:06.360 --> 01:51:18.090
Christopher: Canceling baby showers canceling the most important events in their lives. So it's, you know, been a dramatic change on both ends for me as the planner and then for them as declining. So it's been, you know, it's

01:51:18.810 --> 01:51:32.280
Christopher: Heartbreaking because you want to see people happy. And when they can't do something they put all the resources and money and plan for these things year in advance and, you know, unexpected event happened and they have to cancel. Yeah, yeah, yeah, totally.

01:51:32.700 --> 01:51:43.980
Juilee Decker: So in terms of COVID. What have you been doing so we call this like your COVID story. What have you been doing to occupy your time or because you couldn't do something, you had to do something else. What does that been like for you. What have you been doing

01:51:44.850 --> 01:51:51.810
Christopher: A lot of down time, as far as self-development. I’ve been reading more been studying more on my craft.

01:51:52.170 --> 01:52:05.280
Christopher: I've been putting more on, you know, going over my contracts that have previous contracts and seeing what I've done wrong to try to make it better, trying to just develop myself and make myself a more productive and make myself more marketable.

01:52:06.000 --> 01:52:18.750
Christopher: After this pandemic is over, like I want to come out with people to see a different Chris and like yeah, you really have not just been laying low independently, but you've been working behind the scenes and you've actually seen it so yeah yeah

01:52:18.900 --> 01:52:19.620
Juilee Decker: Oh, that's awesome.

01:52:20.700 --> 01:52:24.330
Juilee Decker: So number well, technically, it’s number four, but what

01:52:25.890 --> 01:52:38.040
Juilee Decker: Has the pandemic. How has the pandemic affected the groups that you're a part of. So any social groups or community groups or church groups or friend groups, anything like that. So how has COVID been impacted

01:52:38.760 --> 01:52:47.220
Christopher: All of them! I have I have so many groups that I'm a part of one of them being my church. Of course, you know, during the pandemic.

01:52:47.460 --> 01:52:53.700
Christopher: Here in Nassau County. They shut us down from being we can only have what, at first it was five people and people that want staff.

01:52:54.060 --> 01:53:01.080
Christopher: I'm also on voice trainer. So I change vocally. So, don't you know worship team weren't able to assemble. So be one person.

01:53:01.350 --> 01:53:11.520
Christopher: Pastor, and maybe one other person and build in at that time do worship experience much different than having people sitting in the seat responding to you, you actually sing into pews and

01:53:12.240 --> 01:53:15.660
Christopher: People virtually so it was just, it was very different because like I said

01:53:16.080 --> 01:53:25.650
Christopher: I'm more. So our everyday life. We don't understand how it impacts being with people are being even if you don't know the person being in a store and knowing someone did without a mass

01:53:26.040 --> 01:53:34.500
Christopher: It's a sense of stability or comfort like everything's easy now. It's much, much different, because now you come, you come into were able to come back.

01:53:34.770 --> 01:53:41.160
Christopher: Into the worship atmosphere but we have mask on, we can't, we can't really communicate with each other like we used to be can't touch each other so that's

01:53:41.580 --> 01:53:44.160
Christopher: Right. Yeah. Well, you can smile. They can see your eyes, but

01:53:45.240 --> 01:53:56.040
Christopher: But that sense of, you know, wanting to greet your brother and sister or someone that you know with a handshake or just with a simple hug or kiss you know to embrace them you can't do you have to find different ways to communicate so

01:53:56.640 --> 01:54:06.660
Christopher: I just cooked up connection part and also in friendships, like, you know, me and my friends. I have four guy friends we call the tell each other. The brothers will usually traveling, we usually gone. We've had to try to make

01:54:07.290 --> 01:54:12.330
Christopher: Ways to like still keep us interactive as brothers and still be there for each other.

01:54:12.660 --> 01:54:17.850
Christopher: I'm like, Okay, what can we do that is not going to cause that's not who he can't go to restaurants. We can do that.

01:54:18.090 --> 01:54:27.450
Christopher: Okay, let's get some a zoom call we're going to meet every week and zoom. Well, let's talk about different types. Let's get a book. Let's talk about the book. Let's watch you know we we we must have been on Netflix. The whole time expanding

01:54:27.750 --> 01:54:35.100
Christopher: We watched everything and we try to just try to dissect every movie that we saw and try to relate it to our last week we talked find other ways to try to

01:54:35.460 --> 01:54:41.700
Christopher: Keep the connection strong but you know it's hard but you know I believe there was other ways that you could, could you know make your

01:54:41.940 --> 01:54:48.360
Christopher: Foundation stronger without being in front of the person. And that's the thing that's what you really found your authentic and you know the authentic.

01:54:48.660 --> 01:54:52.350
Christopher: Nature of your relationship because you want in front of a person.

01:54:52.650 --> 01:55:04.080
Christopher: You have to be virtual with them and communicate with them as if you were with them on an everyday basis. So it kind of kind of made the stronger can communicate with you guys virtually but you know I'm not touching on how to be in your presence but

01:55:04.890 --> 01:55:14.220
Juilee Decker: That's it. That's interesting. I appreciate the way you said that because I think it is. It's hard to get that right. So I teach. I teach at the college level.

01:55:14.610 --> 01:55:28.620
Juilee Decker: And like meeting with my students on zoom. Normally I would show up to class 15 minutes early, and like get my cup of tea ready and get all my things in order. And I don't need to do that. I've been teaching for 20 years

01:55:28.800 --> 01:55:29.430
Juilee Decker: But it was

01:55:29.760 --> 01:55:40.140
Juilee Decker: The point of when the kid comes in and has a question. He knows that the students call me Decker. They don't call me Dr Decker, they know Decker will be there and they can ask a question and then

01:55:40.590 --> 01:55:52.500
Juilee Decker: The kid that I'm worried about because there's some things going on. I can check on him or her. They so those little things aren't there. I literally log on and the students populated.

01:55:52.950 --> 01:55:54.540
Juilee Decker: Right, right, right. It's not the same.

01:55:54.570 --> 01:56:06.300
Christopher: There's no one on one does not intimacy. There's no, like you said, can't check on. And same thing with my friends. You know what I want from that you would talk to on a regular just say, Hey, I know you shared something with me. By the time we get on the zoom Arizona. So you can say, hey,

01:56:06.780 --> 01:56:07.320
Christopher: There's nothing

01:56:08.610 --> 01:56:09.600
Juilee Decker: Not the incidental

01:56:10.260 --> 01:56:13.290
Juilee Decker: Or where a student would come up and say, can I talk to you in office.

01:56:14.670 --> 01:56:22.320
Juilee Decker: But there that doesn't happen and they don't casually stop by and they don't you know drop in like they can't like

01:56:22.380 --> 01:56:24.900
Juilee Decker: Even if I said I was online right now.

01:56:25.500 --> 01:56:34.800
Juilee Decker: They're not they show up and you're here. So it's like, it's very different. So I appreciate what you said about your friends and how this could bring you closer in some ways because you're regularly checking it.

01:56:35.220 --> 01:56:44.070
Juilee Decker: You see that. So, number five is what word would you use to describe your feeling at the beginning of the pandemic and then now.

01:56:45.720 --> 01:56:54.240
Christopher: I'm at the beginning of the pandemic. Um, I was, I guess I was concerned aware, he really didn't know what this was, um,

01:56:55.440 --> 01:56:57.030
Christopher: But I didn't have enough

01:56:58.440 --> 01:57:01.290
Christopher: Enough they to

01:57:02.610 --> 01:57:12.630
Christopher: Understand that things will work out, and there will be a check and balance point to the cause, I believe, also at the beginning of it.

01:57:14.010 --> 01:57:24.270
Christopher: Right after depending on what you want in and my uncle was a Marco was in anybody that knows me he's sober wrote it in my life, like just the number one thing God taught me everything that I know.

01:57:24.600 --> 01:57:40.290
Christopher: About executing and pursuing and making sure things happen. So he was my go to person, like he was just anything I ever needed or anything that needed to be shared. He knew about the end from top to bottom life's problems circumstances or situations. He knew

01:57:41.460 --> 01:57:49.890
Christopher: He be on right and epidemic. He went to the hospital. This is when he started shutting the hospital down and they wouldn't allow family members to come in.

01:57:50.790 --> 01:57:59.640
Christopher: So we went through this whole thing. And I'm like, Okay, I know this whole thing pandemic and we didn't know what it was they they finally got us back the testing was like, well, it's not cold big

01:58:00.420 --> 01:58:09.450
Christopher: You know, he's just having a hard time breathing, whatever, like that. But one of the things that I found out, and then I do on a manage people, you know, especially me a family members or loved one in the hospital.

01:58:10.020 --> 01:58:17.340
Christopher: Lack of communication and let that lack of touch or something knowing someone can be there for you. It's very, very important to the health of the mind of the body.

01:58:17.820 --> 01:58:25.170
Christopher: And I think one of the downfalls is he so used to us being there at this time you're in this hospital by yourself. When the doctor.

01:58:25.470 --> 01:58:30.060
Christopher: And a nurse and no family. The only time you can communicate with trying to either by phone or text.

01:58:30.600 --> 01:58:36.600
Christopher: Downfall is when they took him to the hospital Damien get from this phone. So we have tried to get in this phone went to the hospital. They went live with us and or whatever.

01:58:37.230 --> 01:58:44.400
Christopher: He ended up passing on during called big in the middle, called a which was like when I say district like my whole life.

01:58:44.820 --> 01:58:51.840
Christopher: Was like a ended, like I just like I didn't know what to do because we were still right in the thick of

01:58:52.140 --> 01:59:00.420
Christopher: Colon things happening like people are dying everywhere. So I'm like, Okay, what happened. We didn't know if he passed with COVID. They won't give us answers they on things were like

01:59:01.410 --> 01:59:05.940
Christopher: One being given because they were still trying to find things out. So now you have him.

01:59:06.240 --> 01:59:11.820
Christopher: And then a couple of his colleagues, also in the house where the same time. And now, none of these families able to communicate.

01:59:12.060 --> 01:59:17.670
Christopher: With their families were meeting with their families like okay you know we just pray with them. We've gone to see what's going to happen.

01:59:18.060 --> 01:59:27.960
Christopher: And the report that the outcome that we thought was going to happen. Didn't happen so he ended up passing. Now, my uncle was a pastor of a 500 member church.

01:59:29.010 --> 01:59:37.620
Christopher: So he has a big family 500 mega church. You are Deputy Mayor of the NASA County and Hempstead you are

01:59:37.980 --> 01:59:46.050
Christopher: Well known with throughout the community for doing back to school joins for getting kids back in school paying for college students like so when

01:59:46.710 --> 01:59:52.590
Christopher: He died. It wasn't just a personal but it was like everything stopped in Nassau County.

01:59:52.920 --> 02:00:02.040
Christopher: Like you know day. The Gates has gone. What do we do, how do we keep going like, no, this is not the way and it almost is it was a it was an anger at co because it's like

02:00:02.850 --> 02:00:11.100
Christopher: If it wasn't cold. What could we have saved him. Could, could that being there in that touch and that just talking to him and just Gianna coaching through it.

02:00:11.640 --> 02:00:18.390
Christopher: Could have pushed him a little bit more and and it was talking to other families that lost people do on cold, even people that died, don't call it

02:00:18.720 --> 02:00:31.290
Christopher: A lot of them looks even the doctors talking to one of my physician, she was saying that she had a patient that you know that died and she said, Chris, what you're saying is so important. She said, because I believe that a person will fight if they have something to fight for

02:00:32.490 --> 02:00:39.540
Christopher: She said, a person will hold on. And I've seen it happen. And she said, not that he didn't know he knew, but when you're in pain in your body.

02:00:39.720 --> 02:00:48.060
Christopher: And then having somebody just to be there to touch you. And just to be there every day to stay in the hospital tonight day and you wake up in the air. There is so much different than just know

02:00:48.390 --> 02:00:55.470
Christopher: You know, the Bible tells us that faith comes by Tom see not seeing and hearing by the word of God. See, you can know everything.

02:00:56.280 --> 02:01:05.850
Christopher: But it's different when the person is actually they're laying the hands on you, saying, uncle, you're gonna make it, uncle, you want some jello. We don't go out and get you some girls. I'll be right back. I'm not leaving you in this hospital by yourself.

02:01:06.150 --> 02:01:13.800
Christopher: I'm going to be so when you wake up tomorrow, you're going to see the space if you wake up in the middle of night, somebody's going to be seeing that sitting in this chair. Next you a familiar face that you know

02:01:14.010 --> 02:01:20.940
Christopher: So a person fights differently when they know that the person is there nobody was steer so

02:01:21.540 --> 02:01:30.180
Christopher: The doctor said we couldn't be in the room with them because we didn't know their condition. So a lot of time we're going to check on them, we have to put mask and stuff on. And then at night, they were in the room by themselves isolated.

02:01:30.660 --> 02:01:42.150
Christopher: Yeah, so it's like, I don't know if, like I said, the only thing I can do women is is this coaching thing shut down the person you know because you have those nurses who will be there.

02:01:42.660 --> 02:01:51.060
Christopher: Be there consistently for their patient and make sure you know the families that I need you to be there gonna be, but you have nurses made it personal, to make sure that they were family fun they couldn't do that.

02:01:51.750 --> 02:02:05.970
Christopher: Kind of touch them. They couldn't be in a personal space there was only so much they could do. And I feel like that hope for a lot of people that passed away, was that I didn't have that physical I didn't have that person did and it looked at left and right, and all our souls machines.

02:02:07.320 --> 02:02:10.950
Christopher: I didn't see a body and you see. Nobody listened. You got to push you gotta fight.

02:02:12.900 --> 02:02:22.740
Juilee Decker: I hear you, I hear what you're saying. I hear I hear what you're saying that's that's I'm so sorry for your loss. Chris, I'm so sorry. That's got to be that's probably still really

02:02:22.800 --> 02:02:25.230
Christopher: Difficult i think i mean

02:02:25.560 --> 02:02:29.340
Juilee Decker: I that's the stories of

02:02:30.480 --> 02:02:35.760
Juilee Decker: Being able to be with someone in their last moments there.

02:02:35.970 --> 02:02:37.020
Juilee Decker: There is nothing like

02:02:37.020 --> 02:02:42.570
Juilee Decker: That like that can't be duplicated by anything. I'm so sorry about about your uncle. That's really hard.

02:02:43.800 --> 02:02:59.130
Juilee Decker: In terms of now like like this moment in September. Like, do you feel because you said you said the word concerned and worried with some of the words you said in the beginning. Do you still feel that way about covert or how do you like overall like when people say, oh,

02:02:59.430 --> 02:03:16.110
Christopher: I'm a little on the pandemic, or the Kovac um has given me a different aspect and I think because I with my uncle's death. I know that he would have wanted me to go on. I know he wouldn't want to be said. I know he would have wanted me to like, okay, that was my motivation, you have a business.

02:03:17.250 --> 02:03:17.790
Christopher: Work on it.

02:03:19.020 --> 02:03:29.160
Christopher: You got any debt credit work on it. This is the time to pay bills to take things to give things that you need to do work on it. So when you come out of it there. He was always a man about results.

02:03:29.400 --> 02:03:41.490
Christopher: So out of this make make results out of this situation as opposed to be a downfall or something that's supposed to be detrimental to people, but make results, so how how you gonna make results, keep the good

02:03:42.090 --> 02:03:49.350
Christopher: So I think now I'm going to stay with place of not not worrying more I'm more concerned about the people who are not abiding by

02:03:50.010 --> 02:03:56.100
Christopher: And not doing what they do because I'm like, you can save your life by doing the right thing. I have somebody downloads.

02:03:56.550 --> 02:04:02.970
Christopher: But you could do the right thing and save you, like, put the mask on, you know, monitor what you're doing and what you're touching and

02:04:03.300 --> 02:04:13.080
Christopher: Who you're coming into contact with monitor your any you're going out isn't necessary to travel, is it necessary to go here, dude. So I think my console. Now I'm in a good place.

02:04:13.710 --> 02:04:21.720
Christopher: Because I'm looking for results. And that's what I keep pushing for people give me results. Okay, you went through this code like it's coming in, knocked all of the wind out of all of us.

02:04:21.990 --> 02:04:30.810
Christopher: But now the only way we can do it. Obviously we don't have a vaccine. We're not doctors. We're not gone. So how can we, how can we save ourselves all those

02:04:31.110 --> 02:04:36.240
Christopher: Results. So what are you doing during expanding. What are you doing this on this call today. How are you, how are you getting the word out.

02:04:36.480 --> 02:04:41.940
Christopher: Making sure that everyone is doing what they have to do, make sure you're doing what you have to know, make sure you take and safely crossing

02:04:42.210 --> 02:04:48.630
Christopher: If this is the most that you ever been to a doctor, go make sure your health is good. Make sure you and stable so results. Yeah.

02:04:48.900 --> 02:04:57.930
Christopher: Sure that you get results out of this. If you're in school, go back to school, you know, not those class that you have more than enough time to be at home, you know, you don't have to get all the way dress to go to class.

02:04:58.230 --> 02:05:07.380
Christopher: You know, you don't have to worry, those, those kids that had the fear of being in class with other and reading out loud, now's the time to work and get results. So when this is all said and done,

02:05:07.680 --> 02:05:19.230
Christopher: That people don't just look at you like what you are doing nothing but just, you know, but get results get back into a happy place. If you're a person who have been depressed, find what makes you happy doing this. Yeah, yeah.

02:05:19.470 --> 02:05:27.300
Juilee Decker: And thinking about it, like, because there isn't an end like that we know. I mean, people like, oh, it'd be better in October, it'll be better in September. But, you know, we don't know.

02:05:27.390 --> 02:05:30.660
Juilee Decker: Give a full fingers. Yeah you there because there's no end.

02:05:31.590 --> 02:05:43.140
Juilee Decker: Why not get results with something if it ends in a month doubtful. But if it ends in a month. GREAT YOU STILL HAD A MONTH OF SOMETHING THAT YOU DID if it ends in six months, then you have a

02:05:43.380 --> 02:05:58.650
Juilee Decker: Six months of something. Yeah, so trying to strip that out and you sound like somebody who's a planner. So that's probably really natural to you. And I think to some people that idea of scripting it out is probably a little overwhelming and

02:05:59.610 --> 02:06:00.210
Juilee Decker: My thing is

02:06:00.300 --> 02:06:01.110
Juilee Decker: Baby steps.

02:06:01.320 --> 02:06:04.050
Juilee Decker: Start with one thing you know you don't clean the whole house.

02:06:04.830 --> 02:06:09.210
Juilee Decker: Your desk and then your room, you know, go from there.

02:06:09.360 --> 02:06:09.930
Juilee Decker: Sure, like

02:06:10.140 --> 02:06:21.270
Juilee Decker: I hear you, um, the last question is, is there anything else you'd like to share about your COVID story in general or anything that you think people don't know or that you want to share with them.

02:06:21.690 --> 02:06:22.890

02:06:27.150 --> 02:06:36.780
Christopher: Well, I’ll share about my uncle, something. Now during COVID, when that happened, just before I heard they had passed. No, it was the week after he had passed

02:06:37.110 --> 02:06:45.240
Christopher: I got a call from the doctor. I’ve been having some skin issues or whatever. And I didn’t pay any attention to it. So I'm using all these different formulas and stuff like that. Maybe a little rash.

02:06:45.570 --> 02:06:50.820
Christopher: And I get a call from a doctor. They was like, you know, we did some tests. I went to a dermatologist, that's what happened.

02:06:51.210 --> 02:06:59.910
Christopher: And he said, we just don't do some, you know, ran a test to see what's going on. So, mind you, I'm still in his whole down because my uncle just passed and and I'm like, “Okay, God, I don’t need nothing else.”

02:07:00.630 --> 02:07:10.260
Christopher: So the doctor shared with me there might be a slight…uh…a diagnosis of cancer or a melanoma, is what they call it, which is skin cancer, whatever.

02:07:10.620 --> 02:07:19.830
Christopher: Uh, and he said, you know, the stages to it arm and we think that's what's going on in your body. And that's what's happening. So I said, “what?” I’m like “what I got, what?”

02:07:20.340 --> 02:07:26.250
Christopher: So I when they, when they told me there wasn't a reaction. I think I was so numb because

02:07:26.760 --> 02:07:34.980
Christopher: The person that I would have went to, and like how you talking about the clip of this one, which would have been my uncle. It was just like a back-to-back thing. So

02:07:35.850 --> 02:07:44.310
Christopher: I lose my uncle then I get a diagnosis and the only person that I probably would have talked. I mean, I’d shared you know with my mom, but he would have been the first person.

02:07:44.670 --> 02:07:49.560
Christopher: To like give me like just what I needed to hear at that time was nowhere to be found.

02:07:50.160 --> 02:08:03.930
Christopher: And I remember the day when they told me I went home. Trying to, you know, my mom, she had went to the doctor with me. She didn't know what was going on. So I was crying the whole time. The car got home, I remember exactly, picking up the phone to texting and say, I need to talk to you.

02:08:05.070 --> 02:08:12.960
Christopher: I was so out of my mind, not realizing that he's no longer there. And I went on Facebook. And I said, You know, I said it's funny how things happen how life.

02:08:13.320 --> 02:08:23.970
Christopher: will change, but sometimes we don't accept the reality. And I said, Today wasn't a good day today. Today, I picked up the phone today. Today, I got a report I picked up the phone to call you and text you

02:08:24.480 --> 02:08:32.160
Christopher: And not realizing that you are no longer there, and you weren’t going to respond to this text, but the mere fact that I was able to text you kind of gave me a little sense of relief.

02:08:32.520 --> 02:08:44.640
Christopher: That’s what made my mind thing okay he's no longer there, because I was able to say, Okay. It calmed me down to think. Now what's going to get a response back. But then, remember that you are no longer there. So I dealt with that.

02:08:46.470 --> 02:08:55.290
Christopher: And I think you're probably only person besides my mom and I shared with Ms. Pearse, you’re the only other person that I shared my experience with. My little brother, my little sister, I haven't shared with them yet, because I don't know how they would deal with it.

02:08:56.340 --> 02:09:05.880
Christopher: So, but I've been doing good, you know, staying with my doctor's appointments and things of that nature. But like I said, I really don't have any fear, I really don't have

02:09:06.240 --> 02:09:12.660
Christopher: I don't know why I can't really explain. I do know why. You know I know it's the joy of the Lord. But other than that, I really don't.

02:09:13.560 --> 02:09:22.020
Christopher: I have no complaints. I know what my uncle instilled in me. I know what my mom has instilled in me. I have a terrific boss.

02:09:22.380 --> 02:09:29.850
Christopher: I mean, when I say terrific like she's been walking with me through the whole steps and making sure that, you know, things that I need to get done.

02:09:30.060 --> 02:09:37.710
Christopher: Concerning my personal life. I mean, don't even a pandemic when we were at work. We were on the phone. We were on the computer, you know, “hey, what do you need, is there anything that you need, you know,”

02:09:37.920 --> 02:09:40.950
Christopher: “Are you working on the business plan when we get back in there. We're going to make sure to do this.”

02:09:41.190 --> 02:09:48.630
Christopher: So you know, even with different steps with the museum, like I want to, I want to introduce you to different things, because I want you to walk in my shoes.

02:09:48.960 --> 02:10:01.470
Christopher: Yeah, so she's been on my heels. So she's been my uncle in a different way. So she's she knows what I'm used to. So she's been on my heels about it. You know and to see to work with someone that's older, an older couple

02:10:02.220 --> 02:10:11.010
Christopher: And they have no worries about this pandemic, or this COVID has inspired me to say like she's 80 something years old.

02:10:11.520 --> 02:10:18.030
Christopher: And she: the pep in her step every day when she walks in this building, or even through this COVID is just like Chris. It's going to all work out.

02:10:18.330 --> 02:10:26.760
Christopher: We just got I'm just, I'm just going to keep on being happy every day. I'm just going to keep on living because if I allow myself to be….That's what, that's what's going to kill me.

02:10:27.210 --> 02:10:30.390
Christopher: That's what's going to make me going to a place that I don't want to be.

02:10:30.780 --> 02:10:40.800
Christopher: So her inspiration, her joy, her pep in her step has kept me on way younger than her. But it's telling me, like, okay, I got to be on top of mind because she's, she's way ahead of me like I need to, you know, be

02:10:41.010 --> 02:10:45.900
Christopher: Be on her heels. So I really have to say that, you know, if I can say anything to anybody in this COVID.

02:10:46.320 --> 02:10:54.960
Christopher: Is to really, this is the time that I admonish people to find your happy place find that thing that makes you happy. Find the things that gives you peace.

02:10:55.380 --> 02:11:02.280
Christopher: And that will restore the joy that you want to ever in your life. If there was ever placing like what you had joy.

02:11:02.610 --> 02:11:08.760
Christopher: This is the time to find it, like you said, if it's cleaning out that desk, starting at that desk go into the next room.

02:11:09.030 --> 02:11:22.560
Christopher: You will come across some things, some poems, and letters, something that you haven't seen in a long time. That's going to put a smile on your face. Do something that's going to get results. Yeah, get you to helping somebody else. Yeah.

02:11:22.770 --> 02:11:28.650
Juilee Decker: Oh my gosh, I just love your story. Chris and I love that you love Joysetta so much. I told her. I'm like,

02:11:28.980 --> 02:11:40.050
Juilee Decker: Anyone she introduces to me. I'm like, “oh, it's an FOJ,” and she’s like “what” and I’m like “it's a friend of Joysetta like if it's an FOJ like I automatically love this person, like, I don't care who it is. If it's an FOJ. It's like, bring them.”

02:11:41.010 --> 02:11:44.100
Juilee Decker: Come on over. And so I appreciate what you said.

02:11:44.280 --> 02:11:57.960
Juilee Decker: And the outlook that if her outlook, which is your outlook of pep in the step and just keep going because if you don't, it's going to bring you down and that's that's really hard to kind of

02:11:58.380 --> 02:12:14.400
Juilee Decker: Communicate to people, but I think it it it really can help people to find, like you said your happy place and find something, even if it's short term and it changes next week. You got something right now. So that's so awesome. Thank you so much for your time. I

02:12:14.400 --> 02:12:14.670
Christopher: Really

02:12:15.300 --> 02:12:20.310
Juilee Decker: Getting to know you meet you and I'm sure I'll see you again. Because if you're around around

02:12:21.450 --> 02:12:23.460
Christopher: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Let me see if I can

02:12:24.330 --> 02:12:25.020
Juilee Decker: See you later.

02:12:25.170 --> 02:12:26.880
Christopher: Okay, let me try to get her for you, where is she at

02:12:29.970 --> 02:12:32.250
Juilee Decker: I'm going to make. I'm going to make joy status. Sit down. So I can

02:12:32.250 --> 02:12:35.970
Juilee Decker: Interview her like next week, I will do it today, but all interview her like next week because I

02:12:37.050 --> 02:12:38.010
Juilee Decker: I've never interviewed

02:12:38.490 --> 02:12:42.510
Juilee Decker: Okay, you did great! Joysetta, these are amazing people.

02:12:42.600 --> 02:12:54.660
Christopher: I love your world. And I just told Chris, I was like, Oh my gosh, I still haven't interviewed so what what what works well. Do we want to. Oh, I'll email you and we can set up a time again. We can either do next week or whatever.

02:12:54.840 --> 02:12:57.450
Juilee Decker: I have to sit down and interview you Joysetta.

02:12:57.450 --> 02:12:58.110
Joysetta Pearse: Ok. Good.

02:12:58.920 --> 02:13:03.570
Juilee Decker: But, but thank you so much. I love this. Thank you, big hug.

02:13:03.900 --> 02:13:05.130
Joysetta Pearse: Thank you.

02:13:06.000 --> 02:13:08.760
Juilee Decker: Good to see you, and I'll communicate with you on email.

02:13:08.880 --> 02:13:11.130
Juilee Decker: But. Have a good night and here

02:13:11.280 --> 02:13:12.690
Joysetta Pearse: Let me see quickly.

02:13:13.650 --> 02:13:15.600
Joysetta Pearse: Listen, with this mini thing. One second.

02:13:15.960 --> 02:13:16.380

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