The looming feeling of Disaster

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The looming feeling of Disaster

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Early into the year (January-March) this all began, and I was thrown into a world of change, excitement, and difficulty, but before all of this, I myself knew 2020 wasn't going to be a normal year. For me, it started out great, I was on a ski trip after new years and was just relaxed because I was out of school and having fun, but in these times I kept hearing of terrible things happening in the world, one of these being the coronavirus, I didn't pay any attention to it and expected it to be a problem only in China and other countries far from California, but as the year progressed, stuff started to get more severe, and by late February/early March, stuff started to get serious as it got into the USA, and March 13 is now a day I will forever remember as the last normal day in 2020, after that, online school started, which was easy to begin with and it was fun because I was still able to go to my local store and talk to my friends online, the last semester of 7th grade was easy and fun, and Summer came around and I was able to hang out with my friends a little bit, then 8th grade started, and it started out fun, but as we entered December, everything is starting to get worse and the cases are increasing because the virus likes colder weather, so much has gone wrong this month, my. yearly ski trip that I mentioned art the start is cancelled and so much is going wrong, lets hope 2021 is better, and we can get this stuff behind us all.

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