Life in 2020 Before COVID-19

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Life in 2020 Before COVID-19

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It was 2020, a new decade, a fresh start. Myself and the rest of Gen-Z all thought, "This is our time". Lots of us posted on social media all excited for new beginnings. Life was perfect. I was a seventh grader who loved to dance, and I went to my studio five times a week after school. Life was routine. I would wake up, and get ready for the day. I would shower, blow dry my hair, do my makeup, and get dressed. I was so worried about what every one thought of me, the same as many thirteen year olds are. I packed my back pack, said goodbye to my dog Rowdy-Girl, got in the car, and tool the five minute drive to a place I never looked forward to going: school. Class began at 8:05, and I made sure I was never late. I opened my locker, which was always organized, got my books, and walked into my first period class. Following my second class, I had a break for 20 minutes. My friends and I went to the cafeteria and got lots of snacks. It was nice to have some time to see friends. 3 more periods, then lunch. Each day was growing moribund and the same. 2 last periods, and we were released and so happy to go home after a long day of learning. Then I would get ready for dance, and have so much fun doing the sport that I love. Sure a few bad things happened in the early months of 2020. There was almost what people were calling "World War 3" due to conflicting views between America and Iran. A famous basketball player named Kobe Bryant. Many called him a legend and saw him as an inspiration. He sadly passed away in a terrible plane crash which involved his daughter and some of her teammates as well. However, the year was still overall alright. I got to perform in my school's dance show, I developed a live for surfing, and I felt like I was on top of the world. However a huge boulder was about to knock me down. Some virus was spreading around China, but none of us thought anything of it.

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