The pandemic has revealed the question of privacy

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The pandemic has revealed the question of privacy

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In China, every confirmed patient needs to report their family name, their activities in last three days and what places they’re been to so that the close contact persons would also be easily to followed. This method is meant to use as a clue for the public to know if they have been in close contact with the confirmed patient so they could self-report to the community that they are in high-risks. However, many have used these information as a clue to dig up the personal information of the confirmed patient and cyberbully him or her. This time for Chengdu’s outbreak, many people were furious that the patient had been to a dozen places in a night even she did not know that she was confirmed. Keyboard warriors started to find her personal information, and many girls were mistakenly recognized as the patient, they all suffered cyberbully and their personal information, pictures were posted online and the public demanded them to apologize. This has been a huge fight in Chinese social media these days, many supported the victim and the question of privacy has been brought up. Many believe that personal privacy should be valued, however, in the time of internet, the scope of privacy is getting narrowed.

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