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It was the night before March 13, 2020, and I was in my room listening to music; when my mom got an email saying that we were going to be doing online school for two weeks. I was really excited to not have to go to school, and that I got to stay at home. I wasn't shocked because people at my school had been talking about us having to stay at home, but I definitely can say that I wasn't really aware of what about to happen. The next day at school we were just going over how online school was gonna work, and our new schedule and whatnot. The following week was our first week of online school, and I'd say most people like myself enjoyed it. I was glad that I didn't have to wake up early, and I got to stay in sweatpants all day. The funny thing about lockdown is that nobody really knew how long we were going to be doing it. We thought it was really only going to be about 2 weeks. Soon after we finished our second week of online school, we got another email saying that we would be doing school from home for longer than we expected. Throughout April, everyone started to become really bored at home, and nobody could go out because all the stores were closed. Most people rarely even went to the supermarket. I was extremely bored, and spent most days doing nothing after school was over. Lots of people also started to get sick of zoom and I'd say about more than half the school was started to get annoyed with online school, including me. The only interesting thing to do was watch tv, and the amount of quarantine memes was getting to be a lot. Soon after April, everyone thought that we'd be going back in may, but sadly we didn't and the following month of quarantine was really when people started losing their minds. Everyone was so sick of lockdown, and literally did nothing all day long. I found myself just watching tiktok's and YouTube 24/7. The following month of June people were even more bored but luckily things started to open up again like clothing stores, restaurants, even the mall. I just assumed that quarantine was over, and that things would go back to normal. Until, a few weeks later when they started closing things back up in L.A.(which is where I live). The worst part is that we were supposed to be going back to school in August, and now everyone was concerned that it wasn't going to happen. A few days before school started we were notified that we sadly weren't going back on campus. We all were sad, but we just assumed that we'd be going back after halloween, or the election (neither of them happened). I was so incredibly bored and honestly really confused about life in general. In the first 3 months of school. I hated online learning, and I had lost all of my social skills, and I had literally run out of things to watch on tv. Finally, a few days after the election my mom got an email that we were going back to school. I was excited to be going back, but also nervous. My school had started thing about a month earlier called wellness camps where we would go on Wednesday with our class and so some activities with our classmates just for an hour. Even just then, it felt super awkward to be back at school, so at this point nobody even knew how to talk to each other since it had been so long since we'd seen people from school. It's currently mid-december and we are going back soon. I hope things will get better soon:)

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