What is Covid?

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What is Covid?

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January 2020 is when I first got knowledge of some pandemic in the world. My school at the time didn't give a Honors Science class for 7th grade so I was stuck with people who messed around a lot. They would always talk about themselves passing on what they called Covid. It wasn't though until 3-5 weeks later when my entire district was pulled out of school because of Covid, they thought it would only last a few weeks, but me and my friends already knew it would last much longer. 2 weeks went by of no knowledge at all being given for me to learn and being bored with my entire family in the house. We are very fortunate so far, as my parents worked at companies that were benefiting from Covid. My Dad's company benefited from more people using Wi-Fi and my Mom because she worked at a Drug Company where she right now is releasing a treatment for Lung Cancer. Eventually School went into remote learning, we almost learned nothing as the entire system was wack. We always talked about how when the election came, it would get better, it did, for a week. When it came to Summer my parents made the smart and expensive decision to move me and my brother to a private school, after getting into it we started finally relaxing as some loose end were getting tied, we also got a puppy mini labradoodle the is black, we call him Leo and he is our 'Covid baby'. With Covid regulations changing all the time we had to not only learn new rules, but even sometimes had to get certain masks and coverings. Like when you pick up food, or when you dine out, it was all changed, and will still change. Everyone I meet believes that we (U.S. government) could have done better, I agree, but the past is the past and we just have to live with those decisions. Finally we might go back to school again in January after Winter Break, I hope we do. That is how so far my life had went with a Virus that encroached us from all possible angles.

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