Yellow Skies and Blank Screens

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Yellow Skies and Blank Screens

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I’m awake, the sky is yellow, and I don’t want to be in school right now. We wrote a speech awhile back and now we have to listen to them in class. It’s to bad that I don’t like recordings of my voice so therefore, the recording of me reading my speech is going to suck. My cat keeps distracting me from my class so I turned off my camera. I don’t like people seeing me get out of my chair/read or write. It makes me uncomfortable thinking about someone watching me while I’m zoning out. I have work later today which will be okay, My twin and I will most likely pick up dinner which sounds really nice right now. I hope the smoke clears up and it gets colder even though I’m a summer person. Online school is okay though, it's nice to not have to be crammed into a small room with 20 other students in a loud room with no escape.

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