Politics don't make covid easier

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Politics don't make covid easier

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So far the election has been a long time coming the last four years have been eventful and trump keeps making mistakes. With different troubles and possibilities of executive orders and the supreme court and congress it seems more and more like the election result may not matter trump already has made comments about refusing to leave and if he makes the right order he could achieve this awful goal. But that is beside the point I am not sure who will win, when I think logically he should lose the popular election by several million but I am unsure about the electoral votes instead. With the current system depending on what states he wins it is actually possible to win the entire election with a small subset of the population something like 30 percent if I remember correctly then after that even if he loses the actual electoral vote doesn't happen till December and while they having disobeyed the popular main election yet they have the ability to do so and given that that is made more arbitrarily and often contains businessmen and minor politicians he may win that. an example of why this is so bad you have to look no further than yesterday's executive order. We went through it briefly in class but I looked it up a bit after. but basically, he made it so the department of education is supposed to give more funding to schools that don't follow common core for history and gloss over the hard parts of our history and only glorify it his reasoning was to make us more patriotic but it will deprive people of the truth of what has happened in our past and our mistakes no to mention that he hasn't put a single national mandate on anything regarding covid-19 he even tried to use getting it to better his campaign the ridiculousness of the matter is unprecedented.

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