Pre-Transformation Entry: COVID-19 Response

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Pre-Transformation Entry: COVID-19 Response

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This journal entry was written as a part of the American Studies class at California High School in San Ramon, California.
This will mostly be about the shut-in. To be honest, it feels as though not much has changed. At the same time, I feel disoriented. The major difference in my daily activity is the stationary school setting, along with dance practice which I attend from right at home. As I’ve settled into the new life, I feel more aware of how poorly i’ve been treating my own room, and the mess gets to my head. I suppose the quarantine has made me cleaner. Additionally, I’ve more time to spend with my family. It makes me happy to see their faces every day. In darker news, my mom’s condition got much worse, but we’re all here to support her now, and that makes me proud. Being walled up at home certainly did change things.
A short note documenting my feelings about the lockdown from september.

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