Practicing through COVID-19

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Practicing through COVID-19

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This journal entry was written as a part of the American Studies class at California High School in San Ramon, California.
My biggest overcome with the covid 19 pandemic is trying to find an indoor basketball court to play at. With covid 19 all of the indoor places have been closed and it has been a struggle trying to find a place to play indoors. Now you may be asking why can’t you just play outdoors or shoot outdoors. When playing outdoors you do not have a wall behind you and playing indoors you have a wall behind the hoop when playing outdoors you tend to put too much on your shot or end up messing up your release to get the right amount of power. Also with shooting outdoors the rim is not a normal rim most of the time they are loose or a double rim which is tougher for you to make a shot in. Now I am lucky enough to have my mom as a principal in our district that she could get me into her school secretly to play in her elementary school indoors. Even though the hoop is not as nice as middle school and high schools it is still a good indoor place to practice. I am also hoping that gyms open up again soon so I can get back in there and playing games and working out again.

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