A day to day life in Covid

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A day to day life in Covid

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I can definitely say that Covid-19 is playing a huge impact on my day to day life. I took for granted all the moments in life that I thought I’d be able to experience this year. I realized that I should have taken each day as a blessing because now I am more aware that each and every moment should be cherished because you never know what may happen. My family has faced many challenges since the beginning of quarantine, but we are trying to make the best of it. We found ourselves getting into many arguments, but I feel like we have made many adjustments that we are trying to make work. My aunt and cousin had to come stay with us because of a domestic abuse case and divorce. My little cousin is six years old and he has seen a lot and been through obstacles, which is difficult to deal with to say the least. Due to the events in his childhood it has caused a huge impacts on his behavior. In addition, online school is also a huge change, but I feel like I have prioritized my time fairly well. I have to remember that each and every person has their difficulties, therefore I need to take make sure to wake up each morning with drive and motivation.

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