A Covid Christmas

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A Covid Christmas

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Usually for Christmas, we travel a lot. The last time we stayed home for Christmas was when I was in 5th grade and I absolutely hated it. We then decided that was the last Christmas we would stay home. We don't have family near us, so it was relatively normal to what I think most peoples Christmas are. We went skiing which was so much fun, but it was different. If you didn't live with them you could do on a ski lift with them. You also had to wear a mask, but it was actually pretty nice because it kept your face warm. I wanted to see my friends before Christmas, but I couldn't because of covid, but I did get to see them after Christmas, (outside, socially distanced, with masks). Usually, Christmas break seems really short because were are traveling and going on planes, or we are driving all over some foreign country. Even though I love traveling, it was nice to have a normal Christmas where we had presents and we made cookies.

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