The Beginnings Of Covid-19

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The Beginnings Of Covid-19

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The Beginning Of Covid-19

The origin of Covid-19 had many rumores but the one that was most prominent to me during the beginning of the pandemic was bad meat from chinese markets. It all started when me and my family had a conversation about the pandemic and our thoughts and plans about it when my parents told me that it is speculated to be from these meat markets from the streets of china and since they are not preserved properly the meat carries the virus. The next day I got to school nothing was on lockdown yet so I did something that is almost just a dream to me. An actual conversation without worrying about masks, staying 6 feet away from them and having to sanitize if high five them. We talked about what they have been told about the origin and we all landed around the same point of the chinese market. Things have definitely changed, especially beliefs on the origin but this is how it all was first received.

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