Cause of the Virus

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Cause of the Virus

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On March 10, 2020 I heard of a virus. It was called COVID-19 or coronavirus. I heard many conspiracies on how this virus started. The one who standed out the most was that the virus started in China and someone ate a bat that had a bad virus. The person who ate the bat then spread it to people around china. It just kept getting worse and spread to the entire world. The next one is more political. People in China wanted revenge on president trump because he closed borders and industries with them. Since China wasn't getting any money from selling stuff to America they created a virus. They started spreading the virus to America. People started to blame president Trump and wanted to impeach him. The last one is also very political. Democrat's did not like Trump being in office and they wanted to get rid of him. They teamed up with China to start a virus so they could get Trump impeached. Since that didn't work when the election came they added more votes to Biden so he would win. Personally I believe the second conspiracy. All in all, I do not think we will ever find out what actually created Covid-19 but it still caused harm to many people.

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