Origin of Covid-19

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Origin of Covid-19

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When I first learned about the virus, I was told that it came from bats. And the first people that had contracted covid-19 had eaten bats that were sold at a market. I thought it was sad because people were dying from it. I also never thought it would be more than a couple of people that ate some bats and got the virus, I never thought it would become a world wide pandemic. I still believe that there is a virus and that masks effectively work. I know what you can do to prevent you from getting it. When I was first told about the virus, I was told that the flu was worse, in some cases that is true, but because there was no vaccine yet, and it can have also a larger long-term effect on some people. Also, I think that if our president put the entire country in a 4-week mandatory lock down where you were only allowed to leave your house for groceries, we would not be in this massive outbreak now. Also if all those anti-maskers just put a mask on and stopped saying that they have medical conditions that prevent them from wearing a mask, it could also be a lot better. Yes, there are certain medical conditions that prevent you from wearing a mask like a face burn, but if so just get your groceries delivered and stay home. Also if people stopped spreading lies that covid-19 is just a hoax, maybe some people would take it seriously and we would be in a much better situation.

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