The Origin of COVID-19

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The Origin of COVID-19

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When the Corona Virus was just starting, my family and I were in Mammoth for our Winter Vacation. We started to hear stories on the news about a deadly deseise spreading throughout China. Back then we weren't really discussing where it came from, we just thought of it as something that was happening in a far away country that didn't concern us. Once we wen't back to school the virus had started to spead all throughout Europe and Asia and it was becoming more of a concern. Because of this there was an exponential growth in interest in the facts of what the Corona Virus is and where it came from. At first it was thought amoungst our group that it was created in a lab and escaped (much like the killer bee). This was later proven to be false by science studies. The next belief was that it came from bats! That stuck for a few months. Then, right before summer we stumbled on what we still believe to this doay to be the cause of the Corona Virus pandemic. The research of many scientists found that the virus come from an animal called a pangolin being sold at black market traders in China. There were may of these black markets all around the country. They all eventually got closed down, but not soon enough. COVID-19 had already spread to the entire planet and is now one of the most deadly pandemics of all time.

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