What is the cause of the corona virus?

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What is the cause of the corona virus?

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There are many possible things that could have triggered this virus, COVID-19. Some people believe that it came from a person that ate bat soup in China, made in a lab in china, came from a wet market in Wuhan, China, and more. But I believe that it either could have been made in a lab or could have come from the market in Wuhan. To me, these two reasons make the most sense to me because it seems kinda stupid that all of this could come from one person eating a bat. If it did come from a wet market in china, it could have possibly came from the animals that were there, they could have been carrying diseases, and sicknesses. Furthermore, it could be very possible it was made in a lab, they could have made this virus and set it out into the world. And you may ask yourself, why would they want to do that? I think China wanted to depopulate their country a bit, and "attack" the US. I am not sure if that is true but it could be a possibility. In conclusion, these both seem to be potential reasons as to why the corona outbreak began.

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