What do I think is the cause of the Corona Virus?

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What do I think is the cause of the Corona Virus?

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Pretty much in this time we know that Covid was started in China. At this time Global tensions are pretty high with the Trump and Biden Administration and voting in America. With the tensions so high you could argue with the Chinese making a deadly virus and sending it to us, I don' believe that as if they did it would most likely be more deadly. I think that they had a problem with some agricultural farming and made a virus that infected a lot of people, them trying to hide it only escalated it into building up into infecting the entire world. Just the amount of things going between china and the world just escalated the cases. These are all just theories, the CDC hasn't created a cause for Covid yet, but I think it will happen sooner than later. Those are my thoughts today about how it was created, but tomorrow might bring new information, we will see.

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